Hang Tags

When a customer walks into a clothing store to shop, they’re, of course, looking for a particular item, whether it be jeans, shirts, dresses, etc. Once they find the items they’re looking for, guess what’s the next thing they’re going to be looking for… If you guessed the hang tag, then you’re absolutely correct.

Hang tags are labels attached to clothing that have the basic information on it like size, brand name, and price. Once customers find the article of clothing they want, the next thing they’re going to look for is the hangtag to see if they can find the article of clothing in their size… That’s how customers look at hang tags.

From the perspective of clothing line owners and fashion designers, hang tags are much more than a label that contains information… Hang tags are now one of the biggest weapons in marketing for the world of retail.

For so long, hang tags have been an afterthought for clothing business owners but now, they’re starting to realize the significant role hang tags play in the branding and selling of their clothes. Hangtags help your brand in every way from brand recognition and brand loyalty to increased website visits.

Ultimately, your brand represents the lifestyle and reputation you want to present to your customers… Just look at the popular clothing brands that are affordable… They made it a point to not only make their brand be known for stylish clothes, but also affordably stylish clothes.

That doesn’t necessarily have to be the reputation you’re going for with your brand but you will want to make it a point to design your hang tags with the focus of brand recognition in mind. When it comes to the utilization of hang tags, here are the reason why it plays such a significant role in the branding of your clothing business.

Hang Tags Promote Your Business

In the garment industry, it’s commonly said that hang tags can be thought of like business cards for your clothes. They not only sell your clothes but they are also a huge advertisement for your business.

As mentioned earlier, the information that hang tags carry are size, price, and brand but because you have the option to customize your hang tags, you can have your brand on one side, and on the other side, provide your website name as well as social media channels to drive traffic to your site. With hang tags, you have the ability to promote your business and brand in numerous ways.

Hang Tags Promote Customer Loyalty

With your hang tags, you have the ability to create customer loyalty. The way you do this is with a bit of consistency and by sharing your brand’s story. When you create your hang tags, you want to do it in a way that will stick in the minds of your customers.

Maybe you design your hang tags in the shape of a heart and your brand’s slogan is “With Love,” written in cursive. That tag may represent that all your clothes are made with love because your grandmother made all your clothes with love when you were growing up.

You can share that story on your website and explain to visitors that your grandmother was the inspiration for your line. When customers read that and see your brand in stores and online, they’ll establish a sense of loyalty to your brand because they relate to it…

That’s purely an example, of course, but it’s a proven fact that sharing your brand’s unique story does indeed drive sales and it humanizes your brand to make people want to buy your products. Arts Thread suggests to not only share your story on your hang tags and on social media, but to also share your brand’s story on panels, podcasts, and speaking engagements to make more people aware of your brand and it’s backstory… people love a good story that makes them feel something.

Hang Tags Make Your Clothes Stand Out On the Rack

In retail clothing stores, it’s so easy for clothes to get lost in a sea of “sameness” on clothing racks. Having a strategically designed hang tag is the very thing that will make it stand out on the racks.

Ideally, you’ll want a tag with bright and colorful designs, and also keep in mind that it’s helpful to give your tag a unique shape as well. This is so important because competition is so heavy right now. Just imagine a customer going into a retail store where your clothing apparel is sold…

That customer could be looking for a jean jacket and goes to a rack that has four different styles of jean jackets… How is this customer supposed to decide which jacket to choose, especially if she likes them all? This is where hang tags come into play.

Customers who are torn between similar articles of clothing will often look at the hang tags to help them make their decision. They’ll not only look at the price but they’ll also look at how appealing the hang tags are and the quality and texture of the hang tags. If they feel the hang tags are made of quality material, they’re going to automatically assume that the article of clothing is of high quality as well, thus they’re going to buy the jacket that has the better hang tag.