Phone Psychic Readings

We live in a digital age and do nearly everything using our smartphones, tablets, and laptops. So, the idea of having a psychic reading by phone, email or chat shouldn’t sound all that far-fetched.

Thinking about psychic readings may call to mind images of entering a darkened room through a beaded curtain, and being greeted by a gowned psychic that resembles a character in a creepy old movie. The fact that you will certainly not be subjected to this type of fake fluff is one of the main reasons why remote psychic readings are so popular. The ability to remain fully anonymous is another reason.

You still need to exercise caution when booking a remote reading with a psychic. As with in-person readings, research is the key. But unlike in-person readings, when you engage in a remote reading, you can get right down to business.

No Distractions

Many psychics find remote readings to be more effective than in-person readings. This is because remote readings involve fewer distractions. Readers can’t be influenced by how you act or what you wear when the reading is performed remotely. By no means does this imply that in-person readings are ineffective! There still are many qualified psychic advisors who practice this way. The point is that psychics can conduct accurate and effective readings from any location in the world. This makes remote readings an option for anyone seeking psychic advice.

Tap into Your Energy

All psychics have their own way of accessing, or “tapping into,” their clients’ energy fields. Common methods include intuition, visions, working with angels and spirit guides, hearing guidance, and tuning into energy planes. Though your energy field exists with your physical body, it also has an inter-dimensional presence. Therefore, it’s accessible inter-dimensionally. So, if a psychic is channeling your energy to receive information from their guides or yours, they don’t have be with you in the same room. It’s almost like a conference call or group email with spirits!

Accuracy of Remote Readings

Accuracy is among the most common concerns when it comes to remote readings. You will receive similarly accurate results. To help understand this, compare your energy field to the internet. There’s an infinite number of portals to go online and access various forms of content, such as social media, videos, stories, webcasts, and so on. This content is accessible to everyone. It works the same way with your energy field. People often express concern that psychics would immediately know everything about them, including their deepest, darkest secrets. This simply is not true. As with information on the internet, there’s a lot within you that isn’t useful or relevant to psychics. Psychics make the same distinction and don’t access what they don’t need.

Divination Tools

When it comes to remote readings, some psychics choose to use divination tools, such as angel cards, tarot cards, and runes, to tune into their intuition. But you don’t have to be present for psychics’ use of these items to be effective. However, one example of when meeting in person would be required is if you want to have your palm read.