5 New Art Books That We Really Want to Read Over the Holidays

Art has never been boring to most people. Reading about art becomes even more interesting with every new book that one chooses. The best part is that people can read these books either in the office or during vacation. According to an agent from Ilustra – illustration agency, reading new books on art is the best way to keep updated on what artists and illustrators are coming up with. To assist you in choosing the latest, here are the best new books about art worth reading over the holidays.

Leonardo Da Vinci

According to the writer of this book, Walter Isaacson, the biography is based on a film about Leonardo da Vinci. The author goes on to boast about the fact that the movie may be getting an Oscar award soon. The movie also features Leonardo DiCaprio, another great character who makes the book even more famous. It is rich in art history and passionate writing copied from legit notebooks of great authors like Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein. You can enjoy every page out of the 624 available.

Interviews on Art

This one is a winner when it comes to art books. Robert Storr wishes to share interviews with some of the great illustrators and artists. The best part is that the readers get to appreciate some of the art pieces as shown in the images available in the book. It also covers a large period of time from 2016 all the way back to 1981.

Tell Me Something Good

This is yet another interview-based book that covers artists from Brooklyn. Here, Jarret Earnest and Lucas Zwirner’s book gives rich information compiled into one place. For those people who like reading about art, Alex da Corte and Brice Marden are some of the artists who have been interviewed here. According to some authoritative readers of books about art, this is a good summary of numerous books you would spend a long time reading and, therefore, is worth reading.

Into Words

This book covers some of the best writing of great author Carroll Dunham. Impressively, the publication got the honor of receiving an edit from Paul Chan. What makes the book interesting is that Carroll is an artist and a great writer as well. Readers also get a peek at the Kara Walker’s movies and the real thoughts of some other great artists as collected from their journals. Create time to read this book during your vacation.

You Must Change Your Life

Rachel Corbet has won a prize for this book, which has made it one of the most read books out of her publications. In this book, readers get a narration on Auguste Rodin and Rainer Maria Rilke, whose work is appreciated by people all around the world. The story between these two artists is not only interesting but also worth reading by any person who appreciates art. Be sure to grab a copy.

Apart from these five great art-based books, there are others worth reading as well. However, the ones discussed above take the day. Many people have already read them, and you can join the list. Make sure that they top the list of books you will be reading during your holiday.