Looking to download free eBooks? Discover reputable sites offering a vast collection of digital books across various genres. Access classics, public domain works, and even recent releases at no cost. Explore our guide to find legal and trusted platforms for downloading free eBooks today.

Books are indeed man’s best friend. Quite more than often, we find solace in the warm smell of books and words that stir our souls. Unfortunately, owing to our busy schedules, we barely have the time to visit the bookstore and grab our favourite novel.

Thanks to technology, we now have free ebooks available. You do not have to visit the store or wait till they restock the book you want to purchase. Neither do you have to keep track of the last date of submission in the library, nor carry around the heavy books in your bag. You can simply download ebooks free and start reading without leaving your chair.

Here’s why E-books are in!

Considering how our mother planet is suffering the after-effects of deforestation, cutting down trees has turned out to be more and more hazardous. Did you know that e-books can help preserve trees by 37%? When you are looking for information, you can get it immediately by downloading an ebook. Moreover, it enables you to save space and reduce the clutter in your rooms.

You can simply save thousands and thousands of Ebooks on your device, and the biggest tomes generally take a mere space of 100 MB. You do not have to worry about carrying the weight around and access them almost everywhere. If you have them downloaded on your device, then you can read them without an internet connection.

There are no additional delivery and shipping charges involved when you purchase an ebook. Therefore, ebooks are not bound by geographic limitations. Be it a remote village or a city, be it the countryside or on an island – you can easily purchase and download an ebook if you have an Internet connection. All you need is a laptop or a tablet, and you would be good to go. Why not use the gifts to save the environment and take it easy on our pockets?


Now, most of you believe that eBooks are more expensive than paperback books. Allow me to tell you, my bookworm friend, that you are mistaken.

As a gift from a fellow reader to another, I have listed the 15 free eBook download PDF sites. Do take a look!

Project Gutenberg

GutenbergProject Gutenberg is a super cool website with lots of free books. You can find it online and read on your computer, tablet, or phone.

The best thing about Project Gutenberg is that it has books from a long time ago that you can read for free.

They’ve got stuff from famous writers like Shakespeare and Mark Twain. It’s like having a whole library in your pocket!

You can find all kinds of books there, like stories, poems, and history books. It’s a great place to explore and find something new to read.

And the best part is, you don’t have to pay anything to read these books. They’re free for everyone to enjoy!

So, if you love reading and want to discover some classic books, Project Gutenberg is the place to be. It’s easy to use and full of amazing stories waiting for you to dive into!

Internet Archive

ArchiveAn open online project, the Internet Archive has a million options when it comes to books. You can search for a ebook using the title of the ebook or the author.

Internet Archive also has several textbooks and course material available on Internet Archive. They specialise in dealing with ebooks that are rare in the physical book market.

If you have been trying to locate a ebook that has gone out of print, then this is the site for you. You can also find some of the literary gems in different languages here.



Ebooks are not just for storybook lovers. If you are a student trying to save up on some money, then free e-books can help you save a lot.

BookBoon is one such site that you can use to download educational and business textbooks for free.

Bookboon has an easy interface, making it very easy to use. You can simply download ebooks without having to go through the trouble of opening an account. You can find more than 1,000 free ebooks categorised according to subjects and genres that makes it even easier to navigate through.

Google eBookstore

Google eBookMuch like the Play store, Google eBookstore has a huge collection of ebooks on offer. All you need to do is go to the free section of ebooks, and you will find a huge database of some of the bestsellers. You can even filter them by the genre or the author of the ebook. If you are a classic literature lover like me, then Google Ebookstore is your haven.

You will find most of Austen and Woolf’s best work in the free section along with contemporary author’s like Dan Brown. You can download ebooks free and in several formats. They also have a special section for audiobooks.


ManybookAt ManyBooks, you can get your hands on more than 20,000 ebooks with one click of your mouse. Most of the eBooks – ranging from fictional novels to medical ebooks – can be downloaded free of cost. You can filter the eBooks according to the genre or title and browse through the list.

Unlike many downloading sites, you can find ebooks in several languages. These ebooks are compatible with all kinds of platforms – iPads, Kindles and Smartphones. You can also check the reviews and ratings of a ebook before downloading it.


FeedbooksMuch like Google E-bookstore, you need to sign up for an account on Feedbooks if you want to download a free ebook.

The ebooks are available free of charge only when they are accessible via public domain. Make sure that you head to the “Public Domain” tab to download ebook.

International Digital Children’s Library

International Digital childrenOne hardly comes across sites dedicated to children’s ebooks. If you are searching for a good children’s ebook, then you can check out the free ebooks available from the International Digital Children’s Library. You will find most award-winning eBooks according to reading levels and length of the ebooks.

From Enid Blyton to Hans Christian Anderson – there is a wide selection of books in store for you.


FreebookspotAnother favourite online ebooks download site among students, FreeBookSpot has over 4,500 free ebooks available in 75+ categories.

If you are looking for scholarly ebooks, then this is what I prescribe.

From science to engineering ebooks, from history to literature – this site has it all. And it is just not limited to scholarly publications. You can find fiction and non-fiction ebooks all under one roof. And what’s more? You do not have to go through the hassle of registration to download free ebooks from this site.


Free-Ebook netThe best thing about Free-eBooks is that the database is not just limited to ebooks. You can get magazines and journals as well. It is an excellent source for online authors too.

If you are one of them, then this site can help you share your ebook with others. You need to become a member to access the Free-EBooks.Net library. The good news is that there is no registration fee.


GetfreebooksGetFreeEBooks is another site for the bookworms. The database has all kinds of ebooks – storybooks to academic ones.

The academic resources available on this site can provide you with much-needed assignment help. As it claims, all the ebooks are free and downloadable.


ScribdScribd is an online document-sharing site through which you can save, download and share ebooks.

Scribd supports most formats like PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can either download a document or embed it in your blog.


LibriboxVisit this site and find the links to various ebooks on several genres. You can find textbooks as well as novels and story ebooks in LibriVox.

Librivox also has several non-fiction ebooks like self-help and art ebooks as well as classic literature ebooks.

Most of the ebooks are in PDF formats, which are supported in all types of gadgets. The best thing about Librivox is that it has audio versions of all the ebooks too.


FreecomputerbookIf you are a student of computer engineering or a gizmo freak, then this site is a treasure trove for you. You will come across an extensive collection of free online ebooks belonging to categories like Computer, Programming, and gaming. You can also find technical lecture notes and tutorials for the subjects mentioned above.

FreeComputerBooks boasts of 12 top categories along with 150 sub-categories that you can choose from. You can only understand how rich a database it has.

Centsless Books

CentlessbookAt Centsless, you can find most of your favourite novels as free ebooks. Most of the times, people find several pages missing from an e-book. However that isn’t the problem with this site. The files are far from pirated copies with missing pages.

Before you download ebook, you can check whether the ebook has attained a PLR (private label rights) or not and whether it has all the master rights required to be on sale. Centsless is known for its vast stock of contemporary ebooks.



All you need is an internet connection to have access to the ebooks and education materials, available on the site. Bookyards which are available for free are divided into different categories. The categories start from subjects like business, computing, and go on to cover arts and history.

All you need to do is select the category of the e-book you are looking for to filter the book from the stock of 30,000+ free ebooks.

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Ebooks Faqs

  • What are free eBook download sites?

Free eBook download sites are online platforms where you can access and download digital books without any cost. These sites offer a wide range of titles across various genres and categories.

  • Are free eBook sites legal?

Many free eBook sites offer legal and authorized content. Public domain books, which have expired copyrights, are freely available for download. However, it’s important to be cautious as some sites may host copyrighted material without proper authorization. Stick to reputable sites to ensure legality.

  • Are the books on free eBook download sites of good quality?

The quality of books on free eBook download sites can vary. Public domain books, particularly classics, tend to be well-formatted and edited. However, user-uploaded content might have inconsistencies. It’s advisable to read user reviews or check the site’s credibility to gauge the quality of books.

  • Can I find recent or popular books on free eBook sites?

While free eBook sites primarily offer public domain and older titles, some sites also feature recent releases or promotional deals. However, availability may be limited. For more recent and popular titles, consider checking out library platforms that offer eBook lending services.

  • Do I need to create an account to download free eBooks?

It depends on the site. Some free eBook sites allow instant downloading without requiring an account, while others may require registration. Creating an account often provides additional features such as personalized recommendations and bookmark syncing.

  • Can I read free eBooks on any device?

Most free eBook sites offer eBooks in common formats like PDF, EPUB, and MOBI, which are compatible with various devices and e-readers. You can read these eBooks on smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and computers using appropriate reading apps or software.

  • Are free eBook download sites safe and secure?

Reputable free eBook download sites prioritize user safety and security. However, caution is advised when downloading from unfamiliar sources. Stick to well-known sites with positive user reviews to minimize the risk of malware, viruses, or pirated content.

  • Can I share free eBooks downloaded from these sites?

Sharing policies may vary depending on the site and book’s copyright status. Public domain books can generally be freely shared. However, copyrighted material usually comes with restrictions. It’s crucial to respect copyright laws and only share eBooks within the permitted terms.

  • Can I print or convert free eBooks into other formats?

Whether you can print or convert free eBooks depends on the site and the book’s copyright restrictions. Public domain books usually allow printing and conversion. However, copyrighted material often has limitations to protect authors’ rights. Always check the terms of use or licensing information provided by the site.


If you love to read books on the go, I have listed the 15 free ebook download sites. You know what they say – where there is a will, there is a way. So go, visit these sites and download your favourite books.

Start reading them RIGHT now!