Playing your grand piano can keep you and your audience entertained for decades to come. However, you have to take its maintenance very seriously and clean it on a regular basis. Most importantly, you need to protect your musical instrument from extreme weathers. Fortunately, there are different ways you can protect your grand piano from weather damage. This can also reduce the number of costly repairs. Whether you are playing it daily, it is stored or you are moving piano to a new place, you need to maintain an ideal temperature and humidity level.

When you are looking for piano movers, make sure that they have installed some sort of climate control system for maintaining the right level of humidity and temperature. Same goes when you are looking for piano storage services. You should also keep a watch on the day-to-day conditions in your piano room.

When it comes to the long-term health of this musical instrument, you should keep the following in mind:

Seasonal Changes

Even when temperature and level of moisture in the air remain consistent in your area, some subtle seasonal changes can leave a noticeable impact on your grand piano. Some of the effects of seasonal changes can be seen on its body as well. These changes often leave an impact on the delicate inner working of your piano. Some of the inner parts of the instrument are very susceptible to the slightest changes in humidity and temperature.

You can use a home heating system during winter and an air conditioner during summer to combat temperature and humidity fluctuations inside the piano room. You can use a dehumidifier as well. In case you are moving a piano to an area where the climate is different, find a piano mover who takes the safety and integrity of your instrument seriously. Hire a piano moving company having climate-controlled trucks to protect the piano from swings in humidity and temperature while transporting. If you want to hire a piano storage company, make sure that the company has climate-controlled facilities.


There is a relation between the humidity and the well-being of your grand piano. Humidity can also affect the long-term maintenance and performance of your musical instrument. Even the slightest rise or drop in humidity level can cause some damage to the internal parts of a piano. These damages include rusted piano strings and warped wood. This is the reason why you should protect the piano from direct sunlight. The room you are selecting for the piano should not have too many windows. Keep the instrument away from windows, doors and fireplace.

Hiring Piano Movers  

A single Google query can provide you with a long list of piano moving companies and storage facilities. However, you should always hire the most reputed piano mover in Los Angeles. Don’t go for a company offering piano moving services at the lowest prices. The trucks and storage facilities of cheap piano movers are not equipped with climate control systems and dehumidifier. A reliable piano moving company not only moves your piano safely, but you can also get your instrument tuned as well.