Definitive Guide to White Hat Link Building Techniques for Your WordPress Site

Experts say that to be in the excellent book of the big ‘G’ and other major search engines, you need to practice White Hat SEO techniques, but a lot of them out there are still confused about what it exactly is. On the other hand, many now suffer from blacklisting and penalties by Google for something they have done adversely to gain easy ranking or otherwise Black Hat SEO techniques.

Next to essential keywords, another big area every SEO specialist is concerned about is link building. Great inbound links can surely add value to your search engine rankings. Authentic links will act as a testimony to the reliability and user-friendliness of your web page. In link building also, there are black hat link building strategies and white hat techniques, which you need to follow a fair practice and improve authority.

The importance of link building

It is not enough to own a well designed WordPress website, but to get some real returns through it; one should work on promoting it too adequately. Link building is a highly effective SEO strategy, which shouldn’t be undermined. Search engine algorithms now focus more on quality than quantity, so the focus needed to be on acquiring more links from the most relevant and genuine websites which users trust. There were many rumors about links in the past year as:

  • Many SEO experts started saying that links may ultimately lose their value regarding SEO.

In fact, it is tough to guess which way Google may go about it. But, like always, we can make some fair guess about what next. In all possibilities, links are there among the top ranking factors of Google and other leading search engines, and it is there to stay for quite some time.

In fact, many of the old-age link building techniques have now become obsolete and more streamlined and straightforward practices came into the picture. One such thing everyone notes for sure is that quality counts more than quantity now regarding link building.

White Hat link building strategies

Broken links

You may not have noticed it yet, so the best starting point for white hat link-building for your WordPress site may be to check the broken links and try to rebuild. On the other way around you can also find the top authoritative pages which used to get a lot of links over the years and now went dead as 404 error pages.

You can simply try to create better post than the original one there and start pitching the websites which linked back to that broken page. Some tips are:

  • You can use tools like Ahrefs to check for broken links.
  • When posting something again for better impact and exposure, keep in mind that you need to make that of the same quality or even better.
  • Find out the contact of all those were initially linked to make them note the broken link on their page and offer a replacement.

Guest posting

You may get many feedbacks like guest posting is something so risky as it has become a black hat SEO strategy. This is not so. It is a fact that Google has recently warned the webmasters about the misuse of links for large-scale article posting campaigns. As in case of any SEO strategies, in case of guest posting too, you shouldn’t overdo it while doing guest blogging. Some tips are:

  • Search in Google for “guest guidelines.” You may land on the most relevant sites which offer excellent guest posting opportunities.
  • Find the email IDs of owners and pitch with a bright idea to post on.
  • Keep several ideas prepared in advance and present them.
  • Guest posting is an ideal approach to online relationship building, which should be used to get close to others.
  • Always check the legitimacy of the service if you are planning to purchase a service provider for guest posting.


In fact, infographics are not accurate converters as before, but they are still valid regarding efficient link building. Infographics are now primarily used as a part of an informative article or a short presentation to be shared on social media to get more exposure. In any case, infographics is still a white hat link building method. Some tips are:

  • Use tools like Adobe Illustrator to create good infographics.
  • Ensure that there is enough data when you start to prepare good content.
  • Be careful regarding colors and other design components.
  • Make it neat, clean, minimal, and easy to read and understand.
  • Build it in shorter sentences to make it easier to retweet and share.

Other relevant backlink building initiatives can be creating explainer videos, getting testimonials, relationship linking,  making resource pages, helping reporters, running contests, starting a scholarship, announcing charity events, etc. Most importantly, you need to keep a check on your broken links and timely fix them.

Author bio: Derek Iwasiuk is a well-known SEO expert with more than ten years of online marketing experience. He now specializes in white hat link-building techniques and used to share his knowledge with the fellow digital marketers through blogs.