On-demand App Ideas for Startups in 2021

Hello Entrepreneur! Looking at the title you would have pretty much guessed about the context of this blog. Yes, we will be looking at the top 10 on-demand app development ideas along with the app development cost breakdown. I will be taking you through various app development ideas which are beneficial for you and your customers.

App development idea 1: Transportation app

The ride-hailing services have completely overridden the need for public transportation. As public transportation is uncertain and crowded, the demand for private transportation is increasing swiftly. Since there is a huge demand for private transportation, you can easily enter the market and offer your services.

If you are interested to invest in transportation services, here are the various app development ideas to consider.

  • Taxi app development
  • School bus management software
  • E-scooter app development
  • Bike rental app development

From the list of traveling app development ideas, you would have gained knowledge about the vast scope of this field.

App development idea 2: Food delivery app

The food delivery app development has already gained eminence. Individual entrepreneurs and restaurant owners nowadays are aiming to develop restaurant management software. Restaurant management software makes the entire process organized with abilities to receive order notifications, track drivers, provide route assistance, and much more facilities.

Along with managing the orders, managing drivers or delivery persons is also easy with food delivery apps. If you ask how then here are the various features of the driver app to manage your drivers. You can track their location, view the number of deliveries taken, view their earnings, etc.

App development idea 3: Grocery delivery app

The pandemic created the need for grocery deliveries. It was the time when people started realizing the benefits of grocery delivery services thereby making it one of the most demanded delivery services. If you are eager to start up your grocery delivery business, then you have a great opportunity as there is a never-ending demand for these services.

Tie up with local stores including small shops and hypermarkets so that you can supply groceries to a range of customers.

With a grocery app, you can track whether the delivery is on time or not, manage payments, provide takeaway options, etc.

Creating a grocery app is now one of the top ideas in on-demand app development. It is the right time to jump into this business segment for entrepreneurs.

App development idea 4: Telemedicine app

Have you ever heard of on-demand medical services? It is a new yet popular niche that is attracting many entrepreneurs. The on-demand telemedicine app can offer various medical services like appointment booking, online consultation, fee payment, etc.

Patients can connect with doctors via video calls, voice calls, or even through text messaging. The on-demand telemedicine app will bring to users’ attention as this is one of the much-needed services of all time.

App development idea 5: Fashion e-commerce app

One of the popular business ideas is establishing a fashion e-commerce app store. Fashion e-commerce app development is definitely a good idea to consider as people show great affinity to shop things online. Through an online shopping app, you can handle the business workflow through easily and efficiently.

If you are about to launch your fashion e-commerce business, here are some of the app development ideas.

  • Single fashion store app
  • Chain fashion store app
  • Boutique store app

App development idea 6: Meal-kit delivery app

One of the budding delivery services is meal-kit delivery. Do you have any idea of this business? Meal-kit delivery service is seen as welcoming among households as they can purchase raw ingredients needed to prepare the meal. The service provider will have a set of ingredients based on different cuisines of food. Users can choose the ones they prefer and make the payment. Through delivery persons, the meal-kit will be delivered to the given address of the user.

App development idea 7: Pharmacy delivery app

Like how telemedicine has its importance among users, pharmacy delivery is also highly beneficial. All you have to do is collaborate with various pharmacy stores in and around the area in which you are willing to deliver medicines. Users will order medicines from their nearby medical stores and you will supply them via delivery persons.

App development idea 8: Beauty and massage services

As every service has ventured into the on-demand arena, why not the beauty and massage services? Many people, especially women love to groom themselves. To provide this on-demand service you need to find parlor service providers, and list them on your app. Your users will choose the service provider based on their locations, ratings, cost, etc.

Another interesting service is the on-demand massage services. Unlike parlor services, massage services are unisex. You have to hire massage therapists or tie-up with a massage service provider and offer the service.

App development idea 9: Handyman services

If you establish handyman services, it would be of great benefit to your users, as they can avail of repairing services promptly. You will collaborate with handyman service providers and list the types of services they provide on the app. Users will choose the service providers who are available in the nearest proximities.

Users can book appointments via the app in order to avail the services. Besides, they can track the arrival of the handyman, make a payment, and rate the service all from your app. Simple yet highly effective!

App development idea 10: Laundry services

On-demand services are not restricted to laundry services. Probably you may be new to this type of service. Laundry service providers are there to help customers to carry out laundry services like washing, dry cleaning, ironing, etc. Users are free to book service providers by looking through the list of nearby service providers.

That is an exhaustive list of app development ideas. Next, we will look at the various metrics that will determine the cost of developing an on-demand app.

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Cost of developing an on-demand app

  • Platform to deploy – Android, iOS, or both
  • Number of features
  • Premium add-ons
  • Technology stack used
  • Country or region of the app developer

The above-stated are the primary cost determinants. I believe that from this list of app development ideas, you will get a clear picture of on-demand apps that are trending. Launch an on-demand app of your preferable niche and excel. Good luck!

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