7 essential tips to make your app a huge success

There is an app for everything today, from senseless shilly-shally games to apps that track your footsteps, monitor your heart rate, and even help you spy on your husband. When you are launching an app, consider having to compete with thousands of other similar apps in the store.

After four years of launching the App Store, Apple announced the number of apps in the store crossed 1 million, generating a whopping $10 billion in revenue. Google Play crossed 1 million apps within a few months only.

As the number of apps wheels, the challenges and competition continue to grow. How will you make your app downloaded by your target users? Yes, it is difficult to be noticed in a pool of billion mobile apps, but it’s not entirely impossible.

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Essentials for a Successful App

There is no secret to guarantee a successful mobile application, however, these seven tips can help you be on the track.

  • Make sure that your app is original, solves a problem or entertains flawlessly, and improves on another app.
  • Your app should be seamlessly designed, both in terms of visuals and the user experience (UX).
  • Integrate some viral feature in the core functionality of your app, such as “Invite Friends” feature to gain traction among a new segment of users.
  • Start with the iOS, but consider building for Android in future to tap the new spectrum of opportunities.
  • Initially, start in smaller markets to gain users’ attention and to measure how effective is your app idea and if it needs any improvement.
  • When planning for building an app, make sure to plan and budget for app promotion as well.
  • Keep on monitoring what happens inside the app, where users are clicking by using some efficient tracking tools.
  • Monetize your app with in-app purchases, but to significantly attract potential users make it free.

Your app gets a great number of downloads. What’s next? A survey says that 70 percent of users use the app only once and abandon it thereafter. For Android, the average cost per install is $2.22, while it’s $1.64 oniPhone. Now you can calculate hose unengaged consumers can sum up to a large expense.

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Increase App Retention & Engagement

Building a great app is not everything, retaining users and ensuring that they are active and engaged makes your app a huge success, like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Instagram, and other brands. These strategies can help you to effectively engage and retain users on your app:

  1. Perfect Onboarding

The first-time user experience is the imperative for any app. Instead of adding too many texts and end of confusing the users, try to make it simple and interactive. Start with a value proposition and move to key functionality from there. Try to show the remaining number of screens and steps to encourage them to complete the process. Keep signing up steps as simple as possible.

Perfect user boarding experience is key to retain the user and significantly enhance the lifetime value of a user.

  1. Push Notifications

Push notifications boost the user retention effectively, with statistics showing anywhere from a 56 to an 180 percent improvement. Additionally, users who receive push notification are more engaged to your app than those who haven’t.

However, your push notification should not be too frequent and make sure to let users opt out whenever they want to. When implemented rightly, push notification can encourage your users to tap and open your app. The notification should clearly state why it’s worth clicking and opening your app right now.

  1. Mobile Personalization

Every user has a unique preference. Sending relevant and tailored messages of user interest result into 54 percent conversion rate in comparison to broadcast messages, which is 15 percent. For example, instead of saying “Add your friends”, personalize the message by suggesting the user to add some specific friends.

Other than sending relevant messages, including user’s name is one of the best ways to personalize the message. A personalized message can boost conversion by up to 200 percent.

  1. Sending Message At Right Time

Send messages at the time when users are more likely to engage with your app. Right timing and right frequency can increase the engagement by up to 25 percent.

  1. Loyalty Program

Starbucks loyalty program helped them engage their customers and enhance the number of users significantly. Easy to follow incentive plans such as mobile-only discounts, coupons, rewards, and other can drive conversions and encourage engagement.

  1. Be Social Media Savvy

Encourage your users to engage with related channels on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be used to promote the updates for your app, allure them with deals, and to retain them with fun and festive content.

While focusing on developing a great app and enhancing the app retention and engagement, you should beware of some pitfalls that might get in the way of your app’s success. Find out – How to publish apps in Google play store and earn money?

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Consider These Pre- & Post-Launch Landfills To Make Your App Successful

Here is a list of some key practices to consider during the pre- and post-launch of your mobile app to increase the chances of your app’s success:

  • Research key market players, such as categories they are targeting, keywords they are using, key features they are offering, before getting started.
  • Get unbiased first-hand feedback for your beta app from your target users.
  • Plan the marketing activities for your app beforehand to make sure the app gets enough visibility in the store.
  • Focus on user engagement and retention to reap long-run benefits.
  • Improve your app by measuring which features are drawing users in, which is dropping off, and how frequently are people using your app every day?
  • Pay attention to customer support to keep your users happy and satisfied.

Focus your attention on the mentioned components that have the potential to set your app up for success.

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When striving to build an app into a sustainable business, proper strategy and great product can set you up for success. This article outlines how making your app a huge success.