Important Insights on Creating an App Like Zomato

The introduction of modern tech solutions and digitization contributes to creating new segments in the business landscape. The penetration of smartphones and a wide scope of the internet have indeed changed people’s habits. If we look in today’s modern business world, convenience is the king. Any brand that offers comfort to its users, undoubtedly experiencing growth.

Today, online food ordering has become a new norm. Moreover, with the rise in digital ordering, consumers now prefer online food ordering instead of visiting restaurants. It simplifies their lives and lets them enjoy a delicious meal at their doorsteps.

Today, you can order food from nearby restaurants, ride wherever you want, listen to your favorite music and even find the tutor in your area with the help of on-demand apps. And perhaps Zomato is one of the leading and popular food delivery apps that connects customers and restaurants digitally.

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Indeed, Zomato has gained immense popularity quickly, which has inspired many restaurant owners to adopt a digital approach in their operations. The online food delivery business has become a hotspot for many startup owners as it allows them to get an attractive yield on their investments quickly.

Why is Zomato Popular?

Here you can see more than 54% of people think of Zomato when they want to order food. (source)

Zomato was launched in 2008, and now it has gained huge popularity in the restaurant industry. Earlier, it was only operated in India but now has expanded its reach to 24 countries across the globe.

But what makes Zomato popular, and why more and more business owners want to create an app like Zomato. Let’s have a look at the beneath figures and facts:

  1. Some optimists have said that the online food delivery market has generated over $7,730 million and is expected to grow by 12.8% over the next three years.
  2. The online ordering and delivery sector is growing 300% faster than foot traffic.
  3. It is projected that a restaurant that won’t have its own ordering system will lose 50% of its customers by 2023.

Above figures themselves explaining the importance of getting started with this food delivery business. Now let’s dig into detail the reasons, how to get started, features integration, and how much it costs to build an app like Zomato.

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Shall we begin?

Reasons to Digital Ordering Platform for Your Restaurant Business

Today, we are living in a connecting world where social media and apps are considered an integral part of our lifestyle. Technology keeps evolving so as consumers’ preferences are. If we talk about the restaurant business, then it has undergone several major changes in recent years.

From social media to digital ordering to marketing strategies, gone are the days when restaurants used to market their business in the local area using print media advertising options. It is high time to press the update button and expand your food business globally. Let’s see what the significant reasons behind having an app for your restaurant business are.

  • Increase your customer base and conversions
  • Improving customer experience
  • Increased revenue
  • Automate several operations
  • Digital menu and one-click contact
  • Stay one step ahead of the competitors
  • Build brand advocacy

Above are the primary benefits restaurants can avail of if they have an online ordering solution for their business. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in mobility solutions and enjoy unlimited business benefits.

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So How to Commence Food Delivery Business

Popular food delivery companies such as DoorDash, Postmates, Zomato, and UberEats have become popular and handy options for diners; it is inevitable to check the feasibility of the business before getting started with it.

So, what do you need to look out for to start a food delivery business? Here are some easy steps to perform that will help you if you are new to the delivery business.

Determine how much fund you require ( consider license, marketing, and renting cost)

Research your target market ( determine who will your audience and to whom you sell)

Invest in technology stack ( website and app development )

Other areas to look for ( promotional activities and overhead expenses)

Before commencing the food delivery business, you need to throw some light on the above-mentioned aspects as it will help you make better decisions and make a curated business plan.

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How to Make Food Delivery App Like Zomato From Scratch

Popular online food delivery apps such as Zomato and Doordash offer multiple benefits to customers, including restaurant info, digital menu, reviews, and much more. Hence, many restaurant business owners are now thinking of developing a food delivery app to reap numerous benefits, increase sales, and target more customers.

Now let’s break down to the main point of getting started with the food delivery app.

Creating a feature-rich application is not a cakewalk; from finding an experienced app development firm to feature integration to choosing a platform to finalize the design, here we will explore each point that helps you build a food delivery app from scratch.

  • Validate your food delivery app idea
  • Choose a business model ( aggregator mode or only-delivery model)
  • Finalize the major features (consider features like multiple payment options, real-time order tracking, social media logins, ratings-reviews, in-app call, and chat)
  • Choice of the platform (Android and iOS)
  • Choose the right technology partner
  • Select the right technology stack 

Furthermore, it is very important to find the right technology partner who has great experience and a good track record for development in the same niche market. As you can notice, when thinking about developing an app, there is much more to consider. Now let’s discuss how much it costs to create a robust and scalable food delivery app.

How much Does it Cost to Build Food Ordering App

Well, truth to be told, it is tough to estimate the ideal cost of developing a food delivery app. There are several factors that come to play while calculating the cost of the app, such as,

  1. App development company you hire
  2. Features you want to incorporate
  3. Functionalities you want to add
  4. App layout and design
  5. Platform you choose
  6. And the location of the development company

Based on the above factors, you will come to know the exact cost of development and the time required for that.

Let’s Wrap Up

If you are a restaurant business owner and want to try your luck into emerging market trends, you should opt for mobility solutions for your food business. Consider all the above steps to build a highly effective food delivery app and grow your conventional food business at lightning speed.

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