22 Lucrative Start-up App Ideas You Cannot Ignore

Nothing is more important in the start-up arena than a single life-changing idea. Yes, you heard it right! A business owner must strive to make a mobile app which can give solution to the queries of people. As our demands are raising day-by-day, we need more apps which can satisfy our requirements.

Whether you are hiring the best developers or working with the finest mobile app development companies, the basic idea is to create an app that makes human life entertaining and comfortable at the same time.

Research more about humans, what they want? Learn about the current technologies, identify the flaws in the apps you are using, and moreover, create something which saves both the time and money of the people.

If you think you are not finding relatable Best ideas for your new app, scroll down!

Here are 22 top app ideas for startups that can help you generate great business.

We have given an effective guide through which you can get an idea to create a prosperous app.

Cab App Facility

Mobile apps like Uber and Taxify have changed the whole scenario of commuting. Now you can easily book a cab with your mobile phone app and get the cab in no time.

This way, you will save both your money and time. Currently, many huge commuting companies are getting lucrative returns from their app development idea, but starting a cab-hailing app can be risky.

Ensure you are adding more features in terms of enhancing the customer’s safety.

Shopping App

Who does not love to shop? Everyone does! This is the reason businesses like eBay and Amazon are making profits in billions each day. You can implement some of the ideas such as creating discounts and deals in the app and also inform people regarding the upcoming deals.

The deal can be of various types like food, clothing, gym equipment or gardening tools. You can also create a shopping app where the shoppers can buy the items in bulk.

Buying all at once will be economical and at the same time, the delivery charges will be lower. A start-up which is ensuring more economical and convenient options for people can be a huge success in the current time.

App That Helps in Cooking

We are able to think of creative ideas thanks to the energy which comes from food. There are people who love eating, and also there are people who love cooking.

Thus every cooking enthusiast wants to experiment with different recipes as well as ingredients.

Creating an app that offers a number of recipes to the user is always a rewarding option one can think of.

However, you must research about the food industry and take inspiration from many successful food apps.

It is advisable to talk to the expert chef who can give knowledge about the cooking niche.

Food Delivery App

One of the best android app ideas is the food delivery app is for the people who are not able to cook because of lack of time or due to laziness or poor cooking skills. The reason can be anything, but the food delivery app is currently the most versatile idea that is getting popular across the globe.

There are many competitors in the same niche, so you have to create an app that has some additional features like cheap food, special breakfasts, free delivery, and fit meals.

The users must be given an option where they can do the variations in the food items according to their taste and preference.

Travel App

Traveling the world is the dream of 80% of the millennials. Therefore, if you have an idea of making an app related to traveling, you can surely create an app today. Your app must show details about the various destinations. Also, you can create an app where people can plan a budgeted trip. Moreover, the app will also provide suggestions on the best restaurants and hotels in the current location of the traveler.

On top of that, the app must also have features like expense tracker which helps in evaluating the travel expense in the journey. Before planning for the travel app, take inspiration from Skyscanner, Hostelworls, and AirHelp. It can be considered as one of the top android app ideas.

Grocery App

As we already know, food is the reason for our survival and therefore the grocery app is equally important for our daily requirements. There are times when you forget to buy things from the grocery shop which is quite overwhelming.

Through the grocery app, the entire shopping experience is enhanced and you pick the desirable items with some clicks. This app cannot be a failure as people are going to buy food items no matter what. The only thing which needs to be considered is to avail products to the consumer with effective discounts. The app must provide user-friendly features for shopping. There is a shopping cart where you can save the desirable products for purchase.

You can also select a date where you just need to add and subtract some of the products. As there are numerous grocery apps in the market, you have to come up with unique selling ideas to be at the top. You must give products at economical prices, great discounts, with various cashback offers, and no cancellation fees. It can be considered as one of the creative android app ideas.

Interior Designing App

Home decoration is artistic as well as an overriding task. Not everyone is an interior designer who knows about where to buy the products and which are the items to be used in a particular corner of your room. With the advent in technology, the interior decorations are also becoming easy. With this app, you can build virtual designs that also assist the users. Here, you simply need to click the picture of your home and design it with the objects available in the app. These will include paints, carpets, curtains, and colors as per your specific choice. The app will also recommend the best places where you would be able to find each item for the process of your home’s interiors.

App for Learning Language

Learning a completely new language can be a difficult task, however, you can make it more relaxing by using the mobile development app for language. If you wish that your app becomes popular, you can give features through which your users can know the meaning of a word and how to use them in a sentence. You can also amplify the learning by giving the proper pronunciation of the words. So, it can be turned into great app ideas.

One must also know the meaning of a particular word in their mother tongue. The app makes the learning process more exciting and simple at the same time. Memrise and Busuu are the best examples of successful language learning apps.

App for Fitness and Health

Currently, people have taken “health is wealth” quote very seriously. Keeping a healthy routine every day is not at all easy as our eating patterns are not certain. We are also living a fast life where stress is a permanent part of our lives. With the health app, one can figure out the best exercises to keep the body healthy. This can be one of the best app ideas for fitness lovers.

The app helps the users to track the calories and steps taken in a day’s time. It also provides a diet chart according to your lifestyle and physical movements.

App for Finding Parking Space

This app assists the people in searching for parking space in their near-by area. The app utilizes webcams, GPS, location, and real-time parking information to find the available free parking for the users as per their time and location.

Restaurant Table Reservation App

Whether you need to want to book for that special date or want the central table to make the wedding announcement, this app is a perfect option for you. Most of the time, you do not get the facility to choose a corner table only because of the massive crowd in the restaurant.

By using the graphical restaurant reservation app, you can choose the table of your choice for a specific time. If you are planning for such an app, it is one of the best app ideas these days. This can be one of the best app ideas for food lovers.

Karaoke App

Many of us have the dream to become a singing sensation or at least a good karaoke singer. With the facility of the Karaoke app, you can use various features to sing like a professional singer. Also, users can pursue their dream of singing by practicing in this app.

App For Video-editing

As social media is used by the majority of the population, there is also a rising demand for photo and video editing apps. The videos are helpful in marketing certain products. The videos which are of good quality and great editing can help in grabbing the attention of the target audience.

The videos can also be used in the education sector to make the students understand various educational concepts with the help of effective visuals.

Therefore, for posting a video on your social media sites or to market your products, the video-editing app can be beneficial to the user.

Railway Tracking App

The people who are living in metropolitan cities are mostly dependent on the train for traveling from one destination to another. There are lots of problems when comes to tracking the timing of the train. Sometimes, the train may have a different time of arrival or it can also get late than its scheduled time. With the railway tracking app, you can know the accurate time of arrival and departure of the train. Therefore, if you have an emergency to reach a destination, you can take a bus or taxi.

App For Voice Translation

While traveling abroad, you may find it difficult to know the country’s language. It also becomes tough to communicate with the locals. By using the voice translation app, you can easily communicate with natives living in the location. The words which are spoken in the app can be translated into your aspired language. You can also input another language in the app which will translate in your known language.

Cloud Presentation

It sometimes gets difficult to create a team presentation because of a shortage of time. Therefore, one can take the help of a cloud presentation to eliminate the traditional method and work with the team to use cloud API to make online presentations. This way, the whole team can collaborate with each other and develop a beneficial presentation. Everyone can give their ideas and feedback to enhance the quality of the presentation.

You can also employ distributed cloud storage if you wish to take advantage of modern cloud technology. Planning for a start-up? You can always go for a cloud presentation or storage app.

Coaching Services App

People are ready to pay thousands of rupees to intellectuals to learn some skills and gain knowledge which will be advantageous for their future. Due to a hectic schedule, it becomes difficult to spend more time in going to a coaching class. If you have the talent and ideas to provide coaching in a particular subject, you can always start this kind of app.

App for Repairing Gadgets

It is one of the fresh ideas in current time due to overpowering technology. The gadgets could be anything like a smartphone, tablet, or I-watch. Many entrepreneurs have already started this service and the response is quite outstanding. If you and your team have the skills to repair the smart devices, this is a thriving business you can invest in. Here, time and connection with the customer play a very essential role.

Dine App Idea

Through this app, you can invite various people to eat with you.  The concept of the app is simple that no one has to eat alone in restaurants and cafeterias. The application pairs you with different individuals who are matching your criteria. If you like to dine with the person, you just have to fix the time, schedule, and place to dine with the person. Like dating apps, you will always get the option to reject and accept. This app idea will be a fabulous success as people are finding a good company for dinning more often.

Quick Book Reviews App

You might have heard this, never judge a book by its cover and this phrase is completely true as everyone can make a mistake in selecting a book. Hereafter, you can use the quick review app where you just have to put your photo in the app and get the entire description and review of the book. You can also find the real-time opinions of the people. You can also find the prices of the different stores near you. If you are a bookworm or have an idea to create such an app, go for it!

Gift App

Due to the busy schedule, people are not able to buy gifts for the near ones. Therefore, with the gift app, one can send flowers and other various gifts directly to the concerned person.

The receiver will get the gift in no time. There is a number of gift ideas that are present in this app.

Thus, you can gift the best suitable gifts to your friends and family.


Even if you have brilliant mobile app ideas, your success will depend on how you implement the idea in the best possible manner. Therefore, you must select the team members who are have knowledge and skills to reach the desired goal. You also have to make them know their responsibility in the business and pay great returns to win their trust and loyalty. If your employees are motivated, they will work for the quality results.

We hope the above-given mobile app development ideas will inspire you to take the first step towards success. You never know, a single idea can change your entire life!