How to Capture Marketing Videos of Your Online Service with RecordCast

Marketing video material is a very popular format on the Internet because it allows explanations or demonstrations or promotions of technical or complex aspects or hot products, such as software operation, in an effective, understandable, practical, and fast way.

To be effective, you’d better make the marketing videos to minimum quality standards, not be too long. I usually think 5 or 10 minutes is enough. It should have a well-defined structure and be direct and clear both when it comes to audio and video.

Marketing videos can be an effective way to impress your potential customers. If you want to know other techniques, I’m going to show you how to capture marketing videos of an online service or product with the robust RecordCast tool.


One of the tasks that can be appealing for you to carry out with your computer is the feasibility of recording the computer screen. It is something that will be extremely beneficial to users to record their own marketing videos to upload them later to the network. For this, you can choose a free and utterly online tool such as RecordCast, about which we will talk below.

RecordCastBeing a popular all-in-one screen recorder and video editor, RecordCast has masterfully combined a large number of options and functionalities with ease of use. Without overwhelming the users, it contains features typical of video editing, such as split, crop, adds different kinds of elements, etc. It is one of the online tools on the market that allows you to create fantastic marketing videos without having to download any program.

When you want to record your online service on the computer screen, RecordCast is a great choice. With it, you can make recordings both in full screen and only in an application window or just a selected browser tab. What’s more, it’s free without watermarks that can de-fog the final result at all.

Main features

RecordCast is a completely free tool that allows your recordings of the content displayed on the screen of your computer or webcam on high quality and with no watermarks.

It is a completely online application. In this way, you can capture your laptop screen online with just a single click and without the need to download any other extensions or software.

This online software allows you to take screencasts in full screen, as in the windows of an application, or your browser tab as you need. Likewise, it also allows simultaneous audio recording of the system and Microphone.

What is more, thanks to its built-in editor, you are able to enhance your recordings by applying more attractive text titles, elements, overlays, and effects.

RecordCast has many advantages, which are covering different areas such as distance and remote learning for teachers and students. In this way, it allows them to record online courses and lectures for further study. It can also be used to record product or service tutorials and show how to fulfill any task on your computer step by step. With regard to the business field, you can make presentations and product demonstrations to share your ideas with your clients.

How to capture marketing videos of your online service

Let’s take a look at how to capture marketing videos of your online service with RecordCast. I’ll show you step by step in the following.

Step 1. Access its website and choose a recording mode

Access its website and choose a recording modeTo get started using RecordCast, you need to access its website and click on the “Start Recording” button. There is no must to register an account. If you want to make further editing to your videos, you can register one using your Google account or Facebook account. Or just use your email to register one. On the next page, you can choose a type of recording from the three types:

  • Screen + WebCam: it allows you to record the desktop and the camera so that you can explain what is happening on the computer screen.
  • Screen Only: it only allows you to capture the screen of your computer, which can be useful to show web pages or services while you talk in the background.
  • WebCam Only: it serves you to record through your webcam and to be able to give any type of remote talk.

To make marketing videos of your online service understandable, you’d better use Screen + Webcam to make a better explanation of your online service.

Step 2. Configure the audio settings

Configure the audio settingsAfter choosing the recording mode you need, click on “Next Step” to go to the next page, where the application will ask you for permission to access and use your Microphone, as well as configure the audio settings.

You can indicate that it uses both the microphone and system audio, only the microphone audio, only the system audio, or no audio. RecordCast tells you that the recording will have a 30-minute time limit at the bottom of the window. Then, click on the “Start Recording” button again to begin recording.

Step 3. Choose a browser tab to show your online service

Choose a browser tab to show your online serviceIn the next step, you must choose which details of your screen that you would love to share with RecordCast. Thus you can select if you want to record the entire screen, an application window, or the tab of your browser. Choose the browser tab where is showing your online service and click on the “Share” button.

Then, you see the screen that you have begun to record and share. At the bottom, a bar appears where it informs you that you are sharing a window, providing you the ability to hide the tool window. You can also click the “Stop sharing” button once you have done it.

Step 4. Finish recording 

Finish recordingAfter you have finished your recording, you can view the complete result from the same page. You also have a “Download and Edit” button that allows you to download your video in .webm (WebM Media File) format, and you can go on to edit your video with the possibility of exporting it in MP4 format.

Step 5. Edit the recording to improve the results

Edit the recording to improve the resultsOn the next screen, its editing option appears from where you can cut and combine various video fragments, include a piece of additional music or audio track, etc. Besides, you can modify your recordings. In the bar on the left, you will have the “Text” option that will allow you to add different types of text to your video, with which, for example, give it a title. You will find both a basic and dynamic text so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

You are free to set a background color with different colors available under the Background option. RecordCast offers the possibility of choosing from a wide range of elements to add to your video, as well as many prest overlays to decorate the marketing video as the introduction cover.

Once the edition is finished, you can save it by clicking on the «Saved» button, although for this, it will be necessary to register or log in with your Google or Facebook account. To download the file, click on the Export button, which will allow you to save it in 480p, 720p, and 1080p quality.

Supplement for RecordCast video editor

Supplement for RecordCast video editorThe video editing editor provided by “RecordCast” can import screencast videos and any videos you have.

You can import multiple favorite videos by selecting the “Media” menu and then clicking the “Import” button.

The loaded videos can be placed on the timeline by dragging and dropping.

If you use the “Split” button, you can split the video at any part you like.

You can also use the trimming function by simply dragging the edge of the video.

In addition, audio files can also be read and can be placed by dragging and dropping at the bottom of the video timeline.

You can add background music or add an audio file separately to insert a narration.

As you can see, “RecordCast” is a service that can be used for free, but it is a big attraction to be able to realize fairly full-scale video editing with just a browser.

Sum Up

YouTube is one more search engine with a lot of potentials, millions of views a day. 96% of Internet users consume videos, and they prefer to watch a video than to read the text. Besides YouTube, more and more videos appear on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, blog, website, etc. So capture marketing videos of your online service is a great way to succeed. If you still don’t know how to, get to RecordCast and make your first one.

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RecordCast is an HTML5-based website that allows you to record your screen without having to download any software or launcher. It works smoothly on almost all the commonly used browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc. You don’t need to worry about your computer operating system. It’s completely free. It will help you further launch your business and improve your rankings with videos. Why not have a try now?