With the internet flooded with more and more videos every passing second, explainer videos have become requisites for e-commerce businesses in Australia

Australia is on the list of the top 10 largest e-commerce markets in the world. In 2019, Australia spent 32 billion on e-commerce and saw an increase of about 7.1% in retail sales. With more and more statistics showing the trends of emerging e-commerce in Australia, it is high time to establish a lucrative online presence for your brand.

Ecommerce businesses thrive when there are reasonable conversion rates and constant lead generation. Explainer videos Australia will be one of the integral facets of your marketing initiative that drive leads and conversion. 

If you are still not convinced, here are some benefits you can get out of using explainer videos for your e-commerce business in Australia:

You Stand Out Uniquely

Eight out of ten Australians prefer or choose to shop online. Besides, one out of ten products are expected to be bought online from e-commerce markets. So imagine the amount of competition you have to fight against to attract customers to your side. 

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This is where explainer videos Australia can come in handy. As explainer videos convey all information about your product, it gives the customers the best way to make informed decisions. The more exciting and unique your explainer video is, the more customers you will attract.

Explainer Videos Improve Conversion Rates

84% of customers in Australia buy a product or service after they watch a brand’s video. Along with the increase in conversion rates, videos on e-commerce sites also help with SEO, reduce product returns and increase email click-through rates. 

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As these are the contributing factors for a successful e-commerce business, without saying, it is time to think about creating explainer videos in australia if you haven’t worked on one yet. 

Educational Videos Are On-Demand

With Australians quickly adopting international shopping trends, there are many products and services in play. It can be confusing to use a product without an explainer video. It would naturally drive away customers to an e-commerce business that has videos on their site. With so many businesses, you can easily get lost.

Explainer videos capture consumer attention as it facilitates them to use the product easily. All you have to show them is how to use the service. It is all it takes to gain prospects and generate leads.

Videos Close the Generational Drift

The next generation of customers is younger people who spend a considerable amount of time on videos. Younger Australian consumers watch online videos rather than television. The online culture that promotes e-commerce business almost organically is the “share” feature on various social media platforms.

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They are also seen with their mobile phones for a longer time than on a computer. And guess what, 25% of the online sales are made through mobile phones in Australia. 

Naturally, explainer videos are popular with generation z Australian mobile users representing around 20% of the current Australia population. With online shopping trends increasing; it directly has a positive impact on your sales.

Best Choice For Omnichannel Aussie Shoppers

Omnichannel shoppers are the ones who search for products in different online channels before making a purchase. More than 40 % of the Australian customers make an online purchase on e-commerce sites that offer a good explainer video.

So it is not enough to have a video just for the sake of it. The quality of the video decides the outcome of your business. If you think you require assistance in making a video, there are so many video production agencies in Australia filled with creativity you can work with.

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Videos Can Convince Local Audiences to Buy

Product demo videos and explainer videos can increase purchases for your e-commerce business. Videos also make prospects, stay and engage on the page for a longer time. Pages without videos give way for distraction which can drive away customers to a better site.

The Best Way for Promotion

Other than the most obvious action of generation leads, explainer videos can also promote your business. With 20.3 million online shoppers in Australia, you have a broad scope for promotions. Videos can be a standalone tool that can be optimized and used on any social media site.

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You can also link it in email signatures and web publications. When you repurpose explainer videos for different platforms, it allows you to reach more people.

Creating and developing appealing explainer video can do wonders for your business. As Australia’s e-commerce market size is gradually increasing every year, it is better to leverage the power of video content to grow your business.