Five Legitimate Ways to Make Money as a Creative Designer and Artist

Many artists and creative designers are hell-bent on seeking for employment opportunities and working for others. The thing is; as a creative designer or artist, you may never have to work for anyone to be successful. All you need is a workable concept to keep your passion thriving and profits coming in.

Without further ado, there are five practical ways you can actually begin to make money doing what you know best, as well as desire. As long as creativity and design concept is concerned, there are several ways to make legitimate steady income and few of them are further described below.

Work as a freelancer: 

In a layman’s language, the word Freelancing is used to describe any type of job that mostly can be done from home, or maybe at leisure time. This simply means that to a greater extent — your presence is not of utmost importance at the job site or office. As creative artist, color/print designer or craftsperson, you can offer services ranging from virtual/graphics designing, art making and sales, print designs, premium canvas printing etc., and in turn make some good proceeds from the trade.

Engage in Art and Design blogging: 

Blogging is one of the most lucrative projects you can literally kickstart as an individual person in the art and design industry. For example, be you a graphic designer, painter or legendary apparel print-maker, blogging about your chosen topic or area of specialization is just as easy as pie. You may want to know why I said so! Oh yea! Blogging just about any topic of your choice in reality, does not only make you a professional with many years of practical experience but also allows you freedom and increased remuneration. Creative arts and design are further subdivided into other sub categories, ranging from creating paintings, printings, professional canvas making, tie and dye, papier mache, tote bag making, apparel printing and more. Writing helps you to reach out to a wide section of people, and increases the chances of being found — should in case you have one or two arts or crafts to market via your blog.

Create, Price and Sell Online:

Helping you to earn, while you learn your way into perfection is such a good omen. How will you feel, knowing that you’re being greatly appreciated by fans of art, designs and handicraft? Of course it feels so good to know; not to mention knowing that you’d be receiving steady proceeds for your participating in your hobby.

It’s now easier to create an online store without having to spend many hundreds or thousands of dollar. Online stores like Amazon, Ebay, Sparknow, and many more of them offer an almost-for-free platform that helps you list your handmade crafts, designs, paintings and other handicrafts for sales on the platform. Depending on your passion and line of art, trending products may include handmade tote bags for women, tote bags, tie and dye fabric made apparel, footwears, comfortable pillow cases, luxury canvas, and other physical artwork.

Participate Video Creation (Vlogging):

By creating videos about your artwork and other creative designs in your gallery, you’re already an artist cum vlogger with market insight. Many artists combine their full-time art and design program with video creation and there are two number of ways you can do that.

Art and Designs work session recording

Create engaging marketing videos about your work profile plus day to day art and design sessions and have them distributed on the different social media platforms there is. Google’s YouTube is a very lucrative site to earn remunerations based on the number of views or the viewership of your videos. While you can successfully push your artwork and brand into the market and to the knowledge of others, you as well earn money from your video creation efforts.

Art and Designs Tutorials

Not all art and design enthusiasts are as knowledgeable as you are, and has many years of experience. The majority of these people are on the lookout for interactive sessions, seminars and workshops where they can be opportune to learn the rudiments of designs and creative arts. You could just be the one to offer them that opportunity to becoming veterans in the coming years via your YouTube tutorials. In the same vein, you may end up designing paid online tutorials for premium learners who’re interested in art and creative designs. Doing this will fetch you more remuneration and visibility as an artist.

Make smart use of Linkedin:

Oh yea! Linkedin is as free as bird and you can get in almost this minute. Whether you’re only good in making tote bags for women or men’s clothing print design, It doesn’t matter. Having a professional and updated linkedin profile is another unmatched way to showcase your skills and get found. Linkedin is a seemingly large database of several millions of business profiles. More and more clients and prospects will easily figure you out regarding art and design projects — and you can’t just imagine the outcome.