How to Use Animated Videos to Your Best Business Advantage

It’s no secret that visuals are the secret to success in many business applications. Everything from scoring a contract with potential partners to gaining web traffic can hinge on visual appeal. According to Forbes, visuals now means videos. Video marketing is the future of content marketing and is animated videos are popular both for advertising and for internal business.

Leverage the boom of animated videos to your best business advantage. Use them these ways:

Create Animated Explainer Videos for Social Media

Product Teasers are Effective

Consumers love to be in-the-know. Previously, video teaser trailers were produced only for movies since it simply required piecing clips together. Now that videos are popular and easy to make, it’s common for businesses to use animated videos to inform consumers about upcoming products, services, or events.

Animated videos designed to tease a future offering can be made creatively and subtly promote your business’ tone and brand while also marketing a product or service. Incorporate humor and don’t forget to include release dates to get plenty of shares online. Since 90% of consumers say product videos are helpful in their decision-making process, offering video teasers is a great way to convince consumers your business offers the very best.

Informational Product Videos are Convenient

Whether private consumers or another business, the fact is that everyone seems busy these days. Marketing must be convenient to be effective. In B2B or consumer marketing videos that share about a product’s features and benefits are instantly-gratifying and helpful.

Online users will almost always prefer to watch a video than read through standard text when encountering a new product. Animated videos also offer copythe advantage of conveying this information without the pushy marketing feel that often results from live action videos.

Use Videos for How-To Instructions

Beyond traditional marketing, animated videos can be helpful for relating to consumers in a practical manner. Consumers often turn to online video platforms like YouTube for directions on assembling, installing, or using their purchases. Create animated how-to videos so consumers see your business as a helpful resource instead of just a seller. Use Spiel Whiteboards, for instance, to make complex messages people get frustrated with- like directions packets- into simple, engaging content.

You can even offer installation videos alongside traditional PDF instructions so consumers have a choice. The reason how-to videos do well animated is that consumers like the flexibility of being able to listen or receive visual instructions. Rather than finding someone to demonstrate a process, animation more affordable just draws the processes.

Incorporate Videos into Training

One element of business that is essential, but often boring is training. Well-trained employees can significantly improve the success of a company and prevent common pitfalls. Unfortunately, many employees get confused with training material or find it so dull they never read the info.

The videos offer an engaging, simple solution. An animated video can be custom made to teach employees about best practices and policies in a way they’ll remember.

Enhance your Business Presentations with Videos

The average consumer browsing the web at home isn’t the only one who prefers videos over reading text. Statistics show that 59 percent of executives would prefer to watch videos than reading a newsletter or learning about a product via reading about it.

So, when you are preparing for your next business presentation to potential partners or shareholders, opt for an animated video as part of your talk. Use an animated video to walk through vital statistics, showcase the storyline of your pitch, or bring an idea to life. Your business will stand out.

Use Videos to Improve SEO

On the technical end, animated videos also offer a quiet, subtle business benefit: they improve SEO. Posting videos with keyword rich descriptions, titles, and subtitles helps SEO ranking. Be sure to link the animated videos you post online back to your brand so that search engines make the connection and boost your business SEO ranking accordingly. The more videos that your business posts with the proper SEO technique, the more visible your business is online.