What is the Last Minute?

Contrary to appearances, this is not such a stupid question. As if everyone knows the answer to it, statistically in every second office you can hear in January:

– I have for you an excellent last-minute offer in July

If you hear such a response in a travel agency then leave this place immediately. You will not find anything interesting here and you will not get any super last-minute offer.

On the other hand, do not ask yourself in September whether there are already last-minute offers for November.

When to look for the best Last Minute Deals?

You can hunt for last-minute holidays throughout the year. However, there are deadlines in which spectacular discounts can be hit much more frequently.

The first of these is the period from May (after the May weekend) to around mid-June. Travel agencies have already purchased charter planes, there are not many travelers yet, and even the hotels are willing to reduce prices to extend the season. If you do not have specific plans, and although a small amount of vacation you can boldly risk waiting for the last minute.

When not to look for holidays,

Christmas and New Years is a time when you do not count on bargains. More and more people are escaping to warm countries before Christmas using a few extra days off. During this time, prices are much higher, and last minute offers are practically non-existent.

You must have time and be ready to leave

It is not that last minute offers will be waiting for you. To take advantage of the best opportunities, you must be able to make a quick decision. Sometimes exceptional last minute offers to appear the day before or even on the day of departure. In the best situation are the inhabitants of large cities, from which the most aircraft is flying.

Prepare a contingency plan.

You can never be sure if something interesting will happen at a given time. If you are planning a vacation within a specific time, please consider the emergency plan in advance. What will happen as all places will be sold earlier? What amount are you able to spend on holidays? If the price does not drop to the set level then you can add or do you prefer to postpone your holiday at another time?

Where and how to search last minute

  • In travel agencies.

The better situation is those who have someone friendly in the office, who will keep their finger on the pulse and rang as something interesting will appear. Just do not expect miracles. Promotions appear and disappear and there is never a rule how big a reduction will be.

  • Online

It is a mine of offers and information. However, do not be fooled that you will find a great offer within 5 minutes. If so, you have luck or small requirements. Next time it may not be so rosy. Many websites of travel agencies are medium-legible, not very intuitive, and on the websites very often the data is outdated. By clicking on a promotional trip to Egypt, it usually turns out that the term is no longer available, it is at a different price, or it has never been because it is an IT bug.

To compare the offers of many organizers it will be more convenient to visit the website of one of the portals where we can quickly and conveniently sort and book offers of various offices and arrange them by direction, price, date, hotel or food standard. It’s a good idea to sign up for a shopping club. The Salesalert website offers online shopping deals with the best discount coupons for holiday trips.

  • At the airport

This option is widespread especially at departures from large airports. Starting from London or Liverpool, we can practically go blind all year round. We always find something interesting. However, in the high season at less popular airports may not be so rosy.