The Data Science with Python course will establish your mastery of data science and analytics techniques using Python. It will enhance your concepts of Python programming and give you an insight into data analytics, data visualization, machine learning, natural language processing, web scraping and more. Many data science positions demand Python as a required skill. From being used to import data from Excel spreadsheets to processing sets for time series analysis Python has a number of applications in data analysis.

In this era where big data is exploding, there is a huge need for skilled professionals who can use tools such as Python to extract relevant information from structured and unstructured data and accomplish business objectives. A Data science with Python training can help one gain Python expertise and forge a career in data science.

Who can take up data science?

Data science can be taken up by people with diverse backgrounds like chemical engineering; physics, economics, statistics, mathematics, operations research, computer science, etc. It is also imperative that interested candidates have technical skills such as knowledge of a programming language in order to become data scientists.  Knowledge of Python is a foremost requisite for those interested in forging a career in data science.

What skills you will learn from pursuing a Data science with Python training?

The Data science with Python course will enable you to:

  • Understand data science processes, data exploration, data wrangling, data visualization,  testing and hypothesis building. Fundamentals of statistics will also be covered.
  • Work with advanced scientific, mathematical and technical computing
  • Use data structures and tools to perform data analysis
  • Perform web scraping using Python to extract relevant information

Here are 10 reasons why you should go ahead and sign up for this course!

  1. Data science is everywhere: As data continues to grow at an accelerated pace, the need to gain insights out of such data deluge is more prominent than ever. This has given rise to a huge market for data scientists.
  2. It’s need of the hour: There are very few data science experts available. It is the right time to tap into the potential of this burgeoning industry.
  3. It enhances your career: Data science training is the first step in understanding Big Data and the technology behind it. With Hadoop, Flume, R, Sqoop and more, professionals are equipped to handle data management requirements. Data science professionals can look forward to a fruitful and competitive career. Hence, learning Data science with Python training deserves your attention.
  4. Get hired in Top Companies: Fortune 500 companies have recognized the need for data science experts. A certification on your resume can give you the ticket to get placed in these companies.
  5. Get qualified to occupy New positions: Adoption of Big Data and analytics among larger employers is huge and will only get doubled.  This relatively new position is soon going to reach its peak. And you should be prepared to aim for it.
  6. Easy to learn: Python is the popular data analysis tool. It is ahead of SQL and SAS and comes next to R with 35% of data analysts using it. What drives developers to Python is that it is easy to learn and code. It promotes an easy-to-understand syntax especially when compared to other data science languages.
  7. Extremely Scalable: Python has emerged as a scalable language compared to R and is faster to use than Matlab and Stata. Even YouTube has migrated to Python due to its scalability that lies in its flexibility during problem-solving situations. Skilled data scientists across industries use Python to develop apps.
  8. Data science libraries: The reason for growing success of Python is the availability of data science libraries for aspiring candidates. These libraries are upgraded continuously. The constraints that developers faced a year ago can now be solved successfully with Python.
  9. The training is flexible:  You have the option of a flexible training module. Attend classroom sessions or study from the comfort of your own home through the virtual training mode. Either way, you will have access to the best tutors and the most comprehensive curriculum to help bridge the skill gap and get prepared for the industry.
  10. Practical training: The industry is changing rapidly and only a theoretical knowledge is not going to help you cope. This course gives you a thorough hands on training to ensure that you will be able to handle all real world challenges.

You can enrich your knowledge in Data science with Python course by enrolling in interactive hands-on learning sessions. Above mentioned are the few reasons to take up the Data science with Python course.  Sign-up for Data science with python course today.