Habits of Highly Successful Software Developers

Success is nothing but a series of practices that are followed regularly. Being a successful person is not a big deal, when you are passionate and persistent in your work. However, to be a successful software developer in a world with so many demands and competitions, there are some simple habits to adhere for an easy win. Let’s do some listings.

#1. Have a good coding standard

Speaking in terms of software development, codes can be written by anyone with a minimum knowledge about it. What stands out is the quality and standard of the code. Simple, clean, flexible and reusable codes are the most preferred ones. To be more specific, a function should have a single work.

Assigning more than one thing to a function will get out of its focus point and can be difficult to use. Also, the name given to the functions should be meaningful and should be readily understandable when someone other than the developer reads.

Technology is flourishing, and advancements are essential. Hence the code you develop must be highly maintainable, not just for you, but for others too.

#2. Be all ears

Focusing on normalized habits for success, listen more. Listening is everything when it comes to learning. As we are all aware of the fact that listening is a never-ending process, be all ears in your work environment. If you put yourself on a pedestal, you cannot grow.

Be modest and humble while learning and accept the things that you do not know. Success hits people when they have the ability to accept the unknown rather tackling it with words.

#3. Acquire skills and explore

Books can be a great partner when it comes to acquire skills. Have a habit of reading a good book once in a week which encompasses the details about new technologies and can help you with your project. If you are not a bookworm, there are plenty of open articles, blogs and courses available online.

Try to pick one course that is new to you and master it in the best way. Also, always work hard to get out of the comfort zone that you created and explore the unknown things.

#4. Keep up with trends

As a software developer, it is mandatory to keep up with the technological trends or else your career will can be outdated. Decades back, if a person wanted to become a mainframe developer, he would have reached dead end by now. So, no matter about how good you are in your area of expertise, be aware of the current trends and new things that are evolving around you. Understand that the software industry is emerging with new things, ideas and specific languages every day.

Hence, pay attention to the details and try to implement the new ideas in your work constantly and thrive. Actively participating in the programming community like Hackathons with software engineers from all around the world and solving stranger problems from StackOverflow can increase your visibility to the new trends.

#5. Be far-sighted

Successful software developers are proactive, always see the big-picture and have a result-oriented approach for every problem. They solve problems efficiently and look for the end result. Unlike normal people, they look for details and analyse the impacts of the end product on their business and predict outcomes.

Prioritizing things and keeping track of every projects along with the comparative analysis of their goals and outcomes is necessary.

#6. Contributing knowledge

A prerequisite for a successful software developer is that he should not just work in his project, rather contribute to the Top open source lending software in a regular basis. Another thing that can be done is to create an open-source lending software and make others to contribute to it.

By contributing to the open-source lending software, you can have a better and deeper understanding of the software and can increase your adaptability to a code to integrate it for the desired changes.

#7. Manage time

Time management can top the list of any successful person. Work on a schedule that can prioritize things in an effective and optimized way. Either its learning new things from new people, or working on a project you know everything about, the amount of time you spend in each speaks about the quality of your work.

Spending hours in your forte and minutes in learning new things can go to vain as re-inventing the wheel is a total waste of time. Hence, manage time properly and work accordingly.

#8. Ask silly queries

Successful people understand the fact that they are not encyclopedia and will be always be open and frank when it comes to asking questions. No matter how stupid the questions can be, it is always good to clarify our view of things rather than letting it marinate inside ourselves which have the danger of understanding things wrongly.

Fear is the worst emotion to be successful. Those who burst out of the comfort zone and not hesitating to ask silly queries can have the more possibilities to reach success as they perceive things differently and boldly.

#9. Have a good work-life blend

Sometimes, work can feel like all consuming, even for highly motivated and dedicated individuals. To avoid losing focus and concentration at work, get some play time rather than screen time. A brisk walk at a park or beach with earphones on, a nice cup of coffee or a tea, a good vacation with family, a cool party with friends can always work.

No matter how hard you are working to be successful, at the end of the day, it’s all about the loved ones around us. Hence, always keep an eye on work-life balance and work through success.

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Here it can be summed up as any organised and goal-oriented software developer who can keep up with this list can work with a formula for success and can soon or later live-in success as a way of life rather a destination.

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