Reasons Why Every Company Needs a Social Media Strategy

With the number of social media users around the world crossing 3 billion, social media is no longer an option for businesses — it’s an absolute necessity!  Here are five reasons why your company needs a social media strategy today.

#1. Boost SEO Rankings

Arguably, one of the main reasons for social media marketing is to boost your search ranking. Social media plays a big part with regards to SEO rankings. Based on Google’s search algorithm, the higher the number of followers you have the higher up your company will appear on its search list. For every post shared by a customer, the number of people seeing your post increases, and this creates additional inbound traffic to your website. The key here is to create attractive content that people would want to share.

#2. Increase Inbound Traffic

Apart from boosting your SEO ranking, social media marketing helps in driving traffic to your website. Search engines, alone, are not sufficient. Another source for inbound traffic can be opened up through social media. Almost every social media network provides you with a space for website promotion. Once people come across your profile they can visit your website from there. That alone can direct people to your website. Whenever you upload or post anything new you are actually sharing a link to your website with the world.

#3. Build Your Brand

Social media networks give you an opportunity to interact with a large audience. Based on your interactions, you can increase the number of your followers, win over prospective customers, and ultimately, earn more sales. But for all this, you should first be noticed by your audience.

By allowing you to showcase the personality of your brand, social media helps you connect with the right audience. You can further boost your brand’s image by interacting positively with your customers, storytelling, and promoting what’s unique about your brand.

#4. Improve Brand Loyalty

Social media marketing is a great way to get a loyal customer base. A high number of followers or fans are not as important as loyal customers who are active and engaged. Loyal customers will not just follow your social posts but also like and share them with others. They talk about your product/service and recommend them to others, becoming an invaluable source of new business.

The first step to achieving this is to ensure your social media pages feature balanced reviews, queries, and feedback. This shows you’re active, adds to the credibility of your brand, and encourages people to do business with you.

#5. Reduce Marketing Costs

Social media marketing is mostly free or way cheaper in comparison to the traditional methods of marketing. Plus, it’s available round-the-clock to a wider audience, all year round, at no extra cost.

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While social media marketing does involve time, effort, and serious planning, its benefits far outweigh it all. With the help of trusted digital agencies such as Local Digital, you can develop and execute social media strategies that work for your business.