What Is Waiter App

One of the innovations of the Restaurant industry, Waiter Apps, is gaining more attention now than ever. With all the health and social distancing protocols, it is not surprising that the expectations of the restaurant customers are also adjusted. They want less contact and less face-to-face transaction as much as possible – thus the birth of Waiter Apps and Takeaway Ordering System.

As the Restaurant Industry reacts and adapts to the effects of this pandemic, restaurant technology has become more of a necessity rather than a luxury. They try to innovate and develop systems and mobile apps that would help this labor-intensive industry turn this outbreak into opportunity, and one of them are waiter apps.

Read along as this article talks about the waiter apps and how it is helping to improve the current situation of the Restaurant Industry.


Waiter app is a restaurant technology that enables restaurant staff to receive and manage orders from walk-in and online customers. It can be integrated to the existing EPOS or POS System for better workflow.

This restaurant technology increases the efficiency and effectiveness of restaurant staff and employees. Waiter apps ensure that dine-in, takeaway, and delivery orders are received and delivered correctly.


It is important to learn the different types of a waiter app to have a better understanding on what type of this restaurant technology would be helpful for your restaurant business.


This type of waiter app is used by waiters/captains to take orders directly from the customers. This restaurant technology allows waiters/captains to take orders accurately and produce less error when relaying the orders to the kitchen.

This waiter app shows the waiter a detailed menu list, order list, and in which kitchen should the order be processed (if your restaurant has more than 1 kitchen, this is a great feature for you). It also alerts the waiters on their designated device if there’s a pending delivery or a bill request from a restaurant customer.


A virtual waiter app is almost just the same as the handheld one, the huge and major difference is that the customers are the one doing the input of their orders on a designated device. There’s a menu and order list for them to verify their orders.

After confirming their orders, an estimated time of order process or delivery would also appear on the waiter app. This could be downloaded by the customer’s on their own mobile device and they can place their orders anytime at anyplace and send it directly to the restaurant’s  Kitchen POS System.

Though this type of waiter app seems more convenient, this restaurant technology received complaints from customers because it lessens the connection and customer service that they want from the restaurant brand.


There is no hiding of the fact that technology has improved the present way of life. Gone are the days where customers used to waive hands or ring a bell for a bill request. The long wait for an order is minimized because the orders are monitored better. Here are the top reasons why the waiter app is being popularized.


With both types of waiter app, the order taking process is sped up. Even the monitoring of the orders, until bill payment is properly monitored and managed with this type of restaurant technology.

Every order is taken and communicated to the kitchen real-time and accurately therefore delivery of the service is errorless. The waiter app also provides status of the dine-in area and order queue thus helping the restaurant staff to be effective and productive.


The sound of restaurant technology may be intimidating for restaurant businesses, but just like the other innovations for the Restaurant Industry, waiter apps are easy to use. Actually, almost all restaurant technology is user-friendly because its goal is to help with the demanding environment of the restaurant.

The design of waiter apps are straightforward for it to be used effortlessly by both customers and the restaurant staff.


If a restaurant has integrated a waiter app for their operations, there would be no need for waiters to take the orders from the customers manually. This is helpful especially for orders and reservations done over the phone. Orders can be taken in a second and it would be communicated to the kitchen right away.

And if a restaurant has a multiple kitchen, the order can be sent to the specific kitchen with less error. There would be less movement for both the dine-in and kitchen area as the waiter app is automated to transfer the orders to the kitchen printer.


Nothing would make a customer satisfied other than a fast, improved, and error-less service. And with a waiter app, a restaurant can deliver such service with ease. There are also features such as splitting the bill and special request which could help to boost customer satisfaction.


Since there are less errors made, there’s also an increase to the productivity inside the restaurant. Waiter apps help mold the operations of the restaurant into a better one. Starting from order taking until the payment, everything will be integrated to the restaurant’s EPOS or POS System.

Waiter apps also enables a restaurateur with third party app advertising. Marketing tools and follow sales statistics can be accessed using this type of restaurant technology.  And if a restaurant owner is still unsure about their restaurant staff, they can always modify the functions of what their staff can access.


Restaurant technology and Takeaway Website Builders developers know every pain point of those who belong in the Restaurant Industry, it is one of the reasons why they continue on making and developing systems with features that can help the whole industry significantly.

Have you already tried one of the Waiter Apps? How did your restaurant benefit from it? Let us know.