The digital age is here and the rate at which technology is changing is faster than the development of the human brain. Left, right and centre, man is bombarded with amazing inventions that would fit for a wild dream in the 17th century. The internet is not to be left out either. With the growth of technology, millions of users worldwide have been accorded the golden opportunity of holding the world at their fingertips. Let’s just say the advent of palmtops and apple products was a game changer. It came with and provided a totally unique user experience. Not again, do you have to linger long at a cyber café in the name of updating your social media profile.

Every human invention in the world comes with its pros and cons. Given the billions of internet users in the world today, you can be sure the deft are always looking for an opportunity to make more bucks whether legally or illegally. Yeah, I agree you have a strong password to all your online accounts. You are always quick to log out of every website, you delete your browser history to prevent online bots from tracking your web activity and you have a strong anti-spyware on your PC. Just before you think you are safe, be aware that your ISP provider could be sharing your data to third parties online to their benefit.

Unfortunately for you, major world governments today care less about the privacy of online users. In the recent past, the U.S Congress passed a motion that cut back on the regulations protecting the privacy of online users. This now means that your internet service provider has the right to sell your data even without your permission. Worse yet, even your home network could now be unsafe. The same governments are also bent on passing stringent laws that control what you are able to watch.

The rush for VPNs

Owing to the current state of affairs, many online users are now going in search of VPN services that will give them the online privacy they desire against the prying eyes of ISPs. An online use r stands a great chance of benefiting greatly from a virtual private network.

A virtual private network functions by hiding your ISP provided web address, commonly referred to as IP. Data from your end is made to go through a VPN server that encrypts your personal information making your true identity online invisible to hackers and malicious third parties.

Here are the benefits of enlisting the services of a virtual private network:

  • Keeps you safe online

While you may be on the internet to engage in a serious business, that is not the case with everyone. Some are out to snoop on your activity online and invade your privacy. Such activities are often done by hackers. Using a virtual private network prevents hackers from getting access to your online activity by encrypting your data. Regardless of a private or public connection, your data transmission occurs between you and a VPN server alone.

  • Gives you access to regional-censored websites

As an internet user, you do not have the freedom to access any website you would want to. That said, a VPN helps you access such websites by making you appear as a user in the location of the website you are trying to access. For instance, to protect you, a VPN will hide your original location and replace it with one that doesn’t belong to you. If browsing from Germany, you could be made to appear in South Africa. Automatically, this gives you access to regional censored websites in South Africa. Even if away from your home country, a VPN can help you access censored websites in your country.

  • Saves you money

E-commerce stores also sell their merchandise with prices that differ regionally. A product could be expensive in the UK but retails at a lower price in Ecuador. A VPN helps you save money buying the same product in a country where it retails at a lesser price. You are way better if you choose a VPN that has servers operating in many countries of the world.To find this kind of VPNs you want to scout for them on trusted websites such as

Free vs Paid VPN

Getting the services of a VPN provider is never the issue. The service is affordable to all as it comes with a free as well as a paid version. Question is, for the free VPN service, to what extent is it free? Coming to think of it critically free is never free. Even if you were to be given a product freely, there is a price you will pay not necessarily in cash but for a poor service probably.

Free VPNs are easier to go for as you don’t have to think about money when going for one. However, their security features may not be guaranteed as they want you to believe. For your information, free VPNs provide you with only one kind of security; that is the Point to Point Tunneling Protocol. This protocol is easily accessible as it is found in most computers, however, it is not very secure.

Unlike free VPNs, paid VPNs come with several protocols that have different security features. Some of the protocols you will find in a paid VPN include Open VPN and L2TP-Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol. These have stronger security features compared to PPTP. Some of the best-paid VPNs come with 256 –bit encryption. Encryption offered by free VPN service could be half a bit of a paid VPN.


If you are looking for a VPN service, I would advise you go for a paid VPN. A free VPN may give you all the benefits that come with a VPN but it does not have strong security protocols to keep you safe online. Your ISP and home network are no longer your friendly companions. This is after the U.S government passed a law that allowed ISPs to sell your data to third parties without your consent. You want to buy the best-paid VPN in the market to secure your online experience.