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There was a time when shoes for men and women looked identical. That’s because they were devices using the same process. But, as technology advanced, many manufacturers and shoe brands realized that there should be a fundamental difference between women’s shoes NZ and men’s shoes. After a ton of experimentation and research, these shoe manufacturers found it essential that shoes for women should have certain alterations.

If you are also giving yourself the excuse that you might fit into your brother’s shoes for not shopping for a new pair of jogging or sports shoes, it is time you reconsider. Here are a few differences between women’s shoes NZ and men’s shoes. Learning about them will certainly change your point of view.

  • The width

Men’s feet are generally wider. So, shows made for men, even the ones that have a smaller size are wide. In comparison, women’s shoes are a little narrow, allowing a compact comfort. Even if you go for a men’s shoe with the right size, if the width is not right, it doesn’t matter how hard you tie those laces, you will still feel a little slack, especially when running or walking for long.

  • Lighter

The materials used in almost all shoes don’t matter if it’s men or women are light. In recent times, shoe manufacturers are focusing more on making the shoe light, largely for women. In comparison to heels and wedges that, in some way, provide a little bit of discomfort when walking or doing the daily chores, shoes are like a gateway pass for the feet. The light and comfortable sole of the shoes make them easier to wear for women. They can go on with them for a longer period without any hesitation.

  • Colors

Being a woman, we demand a little bit of glam in everything. Whether it is our clothing or our shoes. Manufacturers of women’s shoes NZ realize the same. Hence, every women’s shoe they make encapsulates a little element of women’s hood that we all like. Whether it’s the pattern, design, or color, there will be something about the shoe that will make it fundamentally ours.

  • Dedicated websites

A little offbeat but, if you are looking for shoes online, the never-ending list of shoes, both men and women, can be extremely confusing. But, there are smart websites as well that have dedicated their entire interface only to women’s shoes. In short, you can have a look at this website and check out the best options for women’s shoes. You can also go on to the women’s section of any popular website and sort their women’s shoe catalog according to your needs. This will make your shopping experience extremely easy.

  • Size

Women’s shoes have a limited size that ranges between 4-13 UK. The reason behind this is because women have smaller feet than men. As an example, the tallest woman in the world is still shorter than the tallest man. So, considering these aspects, manufacturers make more of the common sizes in larger quantities.

At the end of the day, you need to be confident about the show choices you make. Don’t rely on your father’s or brother’s old shoes to last long and provide the right comfort to your feet. You need a show for yourself. If used carefully, shoes last a lifetime. However, if you are going to work out in them or enjoy scrip exercises, you should go for a more sturdy pair of shoes with a tough sole.

Here are a few faqs on women shoes NZ

Which website provides the best deals on women’s shoes in NZ?

Several new and existing websites in NZ are known for delivering some of the best discounts in the country. Websites like provide both quality and discount.

Are running shoes ok for lifting?

If you are planning to lift a lot of weights, consider lifting shoes rather than running shoes. Lifting shoes are flat and provide a sense of a better center of gravity when lifting. So, don’t go for running shoes for lifting as they are a little chipped which is not very good for lifting.

How much does women’s shoes NZ cost?

The price range of women’s shoes can range drastically. But, if you want good quality, durable shoes, you need to spend anywhere between &100-200. There are other cheap shoes as well but you don’t want to go for them if quality and long life is what you want.