Common Misconceptions Which People Hold For Movers

Shifting to a new house is exciting. It makes people feel happy and even inquisitive about their new neighborhood and everything available there. However, with this excitement comes the fear and stress of shifting things. That’s a long process and a tough one as everything is to be packed and then unpacked. Usually, the best out of state movers are a great aid for this process as they systematically do everything but then some people do not call them. They feel that everything could be done and have certain myths in their mind about the same. Stated below are various myths associated with it.

Myth 1- Moving Company charges a lot and doing the same thing yourself is cheap

It is usually believed that moving company charges a lot of money for the process of shifting which one does it on their own is not that expensive. This is actually a myth because when you start doing the packing yourself, you need to buy a whole lot of material which you won’t get at a wholesale rate as they do. To the more, you would need vehicles to shift it which can charge you more. Hiring a moving company would be a total call on everything. You just need to show them the stuff and they would do it in a proper and arranged manner. They might charge a little more but then you don’t have to worry about anything. Even you would save your energy for other chores. Thus, this is a myth that hiring a moving company would be expensive.

Myth 2- All the moving companies are the same

When you think about hiring a moving company, you might think all are the same but that’s not true. Every company has its way of doing it. They might use better quality material and even they would offer service of unpacking also which all moving companies don’t do. So it depends upon company to a company that what kind of service they provide and how experienced they are in their work. So, all companies are not the same.

Myth 3- Any kind of box can be used for packing staff

When it’s about moving, people usually believe that any kind of box can be used for packing stuff. But in reality, it’s not right. There are different boxes for different items. For fragile products, bubble wrap is to be done first and a different box is required. Similarly, for clothes, you need those boxes which do not get spoiled if it gets wet and faces such weather condition. So movers are the best person and they know how things are to be packed in the right manner.

Myth4- Movers are fake

People usually believe that movers are fake. They are scammers and they would take away the things which are not right. If you go through a licensed company, they would take care of your thing and they give you a hundred percent surety that nothing would be misplaced. Rather they even offer you insurance plans which you can opt for. Those plans help you to claim damages if anything is broken or missing.

Myth 5-  Movers will move all your stuff

People who believe that movers will move all your stuff is not right. Movers have certain limitations too.  From hazardous material to perishable food items, plants, flammable items, legal documents, jewellery and pets are certain things which they won’t take charge of. So if you are hiring movers, you need to keep in mind that these things are still to be packed by yourself.

Myth 6- Weekend is the best time to move

Hiring movers for the weekend might sound a good idea as you might be free but then there are certain negatives associated with it. During weekends it is a possibility that movers whom you want to hire are not available or maybe they don’t give you the time slot which you expect. Even during weekends, they would charge you more which during weekdays would be preferably low. So, if you can manage, then call movers during weekdays.

Myth 7- You don’t need to label boxes

People usually think that you don’t need to label boxes but actually, you should. You might feel it is stressful and tiring but when you have to open it, this would make it easy. You don’t need to open all the boxes and then keep things. You could simply check the labels and do it. You can even use different colour pens for different rooms

Thus moving is not stressful. It is an easy process if you go for it in an organized manner. A planned move won’t be tiring plus would help you to get through the process without much hassle. So make sure you hire movers and plan accordingly for the move.