Wine Decanter

Some people may be unfamiliar with the concept of a decanter. It may be something they’ve never heard of before because they usually pour the wine directly into their glasses and drink it. If you love wine, having a wine decanter can help you experience your wines much better than before. A wine decanter is a container usually made of glass or crystal in which wine from a bottle is poured before drinking it. Here are some reasons why you should decant your wine:

It Improves The Taste Of Wine

Different types of wine can give you different experiences when you drink each one. There are a lot of things that will affect the taste of the wine, from the type of grapes to the process of making it, to the way you serve it.

Decanting wine is one of the ways you can improve the taste of the wine, which you can actually do by yourself. It is the process of oxygenating the wine to expand its surface area. Introducing air to the circulation of the wine releases its flavors and aromas, which will improve its taste.

Once you expose the wine to the right amount of oxygen, it will taste a bit softer than when you drink it straight out of the bottle without letting air inside it. It won’t taste harsh, and you can enjoy the perfect pairings of food with the wine you decanted.

Separate The Sediments

Aged wine tastes better than young ones. It’s why people say a person has “aged like fine wine” when they see a good-looking old person. A wine that’s never been opened for years will taste better than the same type of wine that’s only a few years old. Of course, aged wines will only reach their full taste potential when you store them properly.

If you have a collection of old wines, you may find that some of them have sediments inside the bottle. Over time, those sediments will settle at the bottom of the container.

The sediments ruin the overall experience of your wine drinking. It will give off a rough texture on your tongue instead of a smooth drink. It also causes an unappealing appearance on the wine glasses. Using a decanter will enable you to separate the sediments from the liquid, letting you enjoy a smooth taste from the best wines.

Remove Germ-Killing Gas

Your sense of smell also contributes to the overall experience that drinking wine can give you. At this point, you already know that introducing oxygen releases the aromas of the wine. But that’s not the only thing that you may need to release from the wine.

Some types of wine, like rose wine, use gas to kill the germs in the wine. After some time, it will go away, but if you don’t have the time to wait for it to dissipate, you may need to decant it.

Decanting helps remove the sulfate smell that the germ-killing gas provides. The scent is usually not aromatic or pleasant to the nose, so removing it beforehand will improve your wine-drinking experience.

Reduce Waiting Time

As mentioned, aged wine tastes better than young ones. However, aged wine can get really expensive, and not everyone can afford that. The price may get higher because of the refined taste and the rarity of the bottle now that it’s been years since it was first made. Also, not everyone has a wine cellar to store wine for ages.

Most of the affordable and reasonably priced wines may not have been years old, but you can still improve their taste through decanting. Let the young wine settle first before drinking it so you won’t have to wait for it to age for many years before you can enjoy it.

You may also need to wait for some time before you can drink the wine you just opened. If you plan to drink the bottle throughout the day, then you don’t have to decant it because there will be enough air interaction by the time you want to drink it. However, if you’re going to drink after opening, you’ll need to decant so that the wine has enough air in its circulation.

Aesthetic Appeal

Wine decanters can also provide some aesthetic appeal when you use them. You’ll find that decanters come in different shapes and sizes, and they’re commonly made out of glass. Pouring the wine from decanters sometimes look better than just seeing it from its regular bottle.

Final Thoughts

Every wine lover should own his or her own wine decanter. Whether you simply love drinking wine or you are a sommelier, having a decanter helps a lot in improving the experience you get every time you drink wine. There are many types you can find out there and, surely, there’s something that can fit everyone’s budget.