Wine Chillers

If you are a wine enthusiast, then it probably comes as no surprise to you that wine coolers can be found just about everywhere. Wine collectors keep their wine refrigeration units in garages, offices, kitchens, bedrooms, workshops and many other places.

One of the reasons for this would be because wine connoisseurs come from all kinds of different walks of life. There are wine collectors in many white collar fields, but there are just as many blue-collar individuals who love a good glass of wine as well.

There are individuals who are just starting out in their career who are fascinated with the many different wine brands, but there are also a whole host of retired people who enjoy collecting and storing their bottles of wine.

Considering that retired people often do a lot of traveling, this all begs the question: how do they go about storing their wine when they are out on the road? Luckily for them there are many wine cooler units that are great for storage in an RV. Here are some characteristics of some of the best RV wine storage units.

They are quiet

A good wine chiller that is designed for a recreational vehicle must first of all be quiet. If you are driving down the road in your RV, the last thing you need would be more noisy items in the cabin. The less distractions, the better off you will be.

Why does your RV need to be quiet? Simply put, the quieter your RV is, the easier it will be for you to continue to focus on the road and on your GPS system. Let’s face it. It isn’t an easy task turning around a 30 to 40 foot RV when you have made a wrong turn. When you already have to deal with a noisy engine, water pump and other equipment, the last thing you need is to couple that with a noisy wine cooler.

They are compact

According to, one of the cardinal rules of selecting a wine chiller should be to determine how many bottles you desire to store. In the case of an RV wine cooler, one of their main draws will be that they are compact. Of course, one drawback to this will definitely be that you will not be able to store as many bottles of wine. In the case of an RV wine chiller, look for one that will allow you to store a maximum of 6 bottles.

They need to be compatible with RV power

Naturally, there are times where an RV might have a generator and you could utilize an interior wall outlet. However, most of the electrical outlets in an RV are in short supply. This is one of the main reasons why an effective RV wine cooler needs to be compatible with AC/DC power.

Unfortunately, there are not that many wine coolers that are compatible with this power type, but there are a certain number of brands that are known for utilizing this type of power source. Dometic is one brand example, but you should research for more.

A good RV wine cooler will have an efficient cooling system

One of the main draws of an RV wine chiller is that they are portable. However, their portability is valueless if they don’t maintain an effective cooling system and end up ruining your wine.

This is why your RV wine storage system must keep your wines appropriately chilled. Ideally, the wine chilling system should keep your wines at between 46 to 66 degrees. This also has the added benefit of being versatile enough to store both whites and reds.

An RV wine cooler will have the most appropriate design features to do the job

A wine cooler designed for use in a recreational vehicle is much different than a wine refrigerator that is to be used in a den, kitchen or bedroom. The main reason for this is because the spatial concerns are much higher in an RV.

Thus, there are certain design features an RV refrigeration unit simply cannot live without. One of these would be having mirrored glass doors. This design element will allow the refrigeration unit to keep the wine tasting great because the mirror will filter out the light that is often present from the exterior of an RV.

In Conclusion

Keep these factors in mind and you will be sure to have an RV wine cooler that will keep your wine chilled an allow you to entertain others appropriately in your RV. It will also allow you to enjoy your travels that much more as well!