Job Search

Are you looking for a fresh start in your life? Are you eager for new challenges and a better career? No matter you are an experienced worker or beginner, you must ask yourself some important questions before you start job hunting.

We’ve prepared for you a list of these crucial questions.

Where Should I Look for a Job?

Actually, there are a lot of options! You can contact your acquaintances, look through ads for vacancies in the local papers, search for a position on the companies’ web sites or in social networks. But the easiest way is to search on job sites such as Here you can find job vacancies, useful information, tips and anything you need when looking for a job.

Is My CV Informative and Up-To-Date?

Make sure that your CV and all your data contain full and current information about your skills, education, qualifications, experience, positive characteristics, and other important details. Look through examples of up-to-date CVs on the internet. Your resume must be of high quality and stand you out against other candidates.

What Is My Dream Job?

It might be the most important question. You should think it over carefully. What are your ambitions? What is most attractive for you to do? Maybe it’s time to convert your hobby into your profession. Or, perhaps, your dream is to make a fortune, then you should think of a position where you can do that. Choosing the job you love is a key point because it influences your personal fulfillment, emotional wellbeing and, to some extent, the range of your salary.

What Are My Expectations from the Career?

What do you want to obtain when making your career? Money, promotion, high self-esteem, social status? Are you eager to branch out? Or do you need to balance your job and your family, so spending more time with your partner and kids is significant for you? Think of your priorities and values. This way you’ll simplify your choice.

What Are My Plans for the Nearest Future?

Before you start looking for a job, think this matter over. Where are you going to live? Aren’t you going to change your location? How are you planning to develop yourself? How will a particular job influence your life? Are you ready to sacrifice your plans for a better job or not? These are quite important questions to consider.

Why Am I Valuable for the Company?

During the interview process, you will be asked what you can offer to the company. You must list your qualifications, experience, all your positive aspects and demonstrate how it’ll benefit the company. You should make a list of your skills and prove why you are better than other candidates for the same position. So, you should ask yourself particular questions beforehand and make sure you answer them confidently.

What Benefits and Salary Am I Expecting?

Find out what perks the company offers to its employees. It can be anything, beginning from a free uniform to paid time off. Does the company award any social safeguards? Are any benefits vital for you? Make a list of the important advantages for you and decide whether it is reasonable for you to manage without them. Another crucial question is your salary. Don’t underestimate yourself! Tell frankly what salary you are aiming at. Nobody knows your worth better than you!

What Is the Company’s Culture?

You have to consider what kind of corporate culture and working environment is right for you. Do you prefer to work for a big company or a small one? Can you work under pressure or in a high-stress environment? Would you like to work in a slow or dynamic pace? Which suits you better: working in a team or on your own? What are the beliefs, expectations, and values of the company? Does it all resonate with you? Having answered these questions, you’ll find an appropriate role for yourself, and you’ll definitely thrive as a professional.

We believe this list of questions will help you to find the most appropriate job for you. It would be even better if you enlarge the given set by your own questions. No doubts, it is vital to have a job that satisfies all your material and moral needs. So, make your own list of questions, think about the answers and get ready for an interview. The proper position will result in a sense of personal growth and fulfillment!

Good luck in searching for your perfect job!