Easy Ways to Make Winter Work Less Miserable

Working during the winter can make you feel worn down faster because your body must work harder to stay warm. This can happen from the commute to work or if you are in a job that requires you to be outside.  When the wintry weather sets in and freezing temperatures strike, there are ways to make the days more bearable.

 #1. Heated Jackets

Finding the best heated jacket will ensure that you can move without shivering on days where you have to work hard to keep your body temperature up. Most people have less tolerance for the cold, and working to keep your body warm adds to the stress you put on yourself. These jackets will distribute heat through various technologies that they use.

If you live in a cold climate, we highly recommend looking into heated jackets. Ideally, you will find one that runs for hours on end and keeps you warm for the entire day.  You can recharge both your coat and your body at night in preparation for the day ahead. If you tend to work double shifts, make sure that your jacket can go the duration – otherwise, you will want to consider a backup coat!

#2. Light Lamps

Some people may find that they are prone to mood changes in the winter that leave them feeling blue or generally discontented.  The loss of interest in your daily life can affect work, personal lives, and your overall wellbeing. These symptoms, accompanied by a few others that you may be feeling, could be diagnosed as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It strikes during the coldest months of the year and can make working in the winter a challenge for people who suffer from it.  It can be brought on by lack of light (hours) during the winter, and occurs most often during the winter months, but has been known to affect people in spring or even year-round as well. It is associated with the darker days of less sunlight. As a result of SAD, you feel listless and unmotivated to work or participate in life.

After you speak with a professional or find that you have been diagnosed with SAD, consider getting a light lamp to provide you with more of the missing light in your days. These types of lamps might be good for you to have at work, or to just turn on for 15 minutes a day when you get home.

#3. Take Care of Your Body

Winter weather and lack of sunlight are hard in some ways to your mental health, but having strong physical health is just as important.  While the tendency is to be more sedentary during this time, you can make it a point to do stretching and physical exercise indoors. If you have the option to join a nearby gym, make sure that you get a daily workout in.  If you do not have that option for either location or budgetary reasons, consider looking online for free workout videos to follow along with. If the temperatures are safe to be outdoors, make sure that a brisk walk for at least 10 minutes is part of your routine.

Get enough sleep.  You want to rest at least 8 hours a day, and try not to take on hibernation habits just because it is dark outside.  Read, play family games, and do things that keep your mind active and not dormant. If you sleep too much, you may find yourself feeling sluggish during the work day.  Do not get home from work and head straight to bed just because it is dark out.

Eat the right foods and stay nourished.  Food choices are heavier during the winter months, so you need to be somewhat active to offset these options.  While fresh fruit and vegetable options may be limited, you do have winter vegetables that should be a part of each meal.  Soups and stews can give you hearty and healthy meals that feed your mind and body. And staying hydrated is just as important now as it is in the sweltering summer months.  You will be thankful when your lips are not painfully chapped that you kept your water habits up year-round.

Finding a perfect winter routine for better work days might take some trial and error, but making small changes will make for big results in your overall wellbeing.