Benefits of Working from Home

You may do your job wherever you are and whenever you want. You can even sit in a comfy beach chair with a fancy Margarita in hand. For all your boss cares is as long as you meet his expectations and carry out assigned tasks. The profitable benefits of working remotely from the office can enable any big boss to hire a top talent without any local geographic bounds. It has already enabled him to steal away top talents from the competitors, without a necessity to increase their salary.

The stronger sides of the remote employment have far outweighed the shortcomings. While the number of workers seeking a better balance between work and life and far more establishments accepting flexible and versatile policies to adapt shifting workplace timetables, the working at home variant is becoming more and more vital. The employees consider this an ideal mean to remain occupied in the sphere and continue to be employed hereby receiving all the appreciable benefits of being the part of the company while enjoying all the privileges of staying at home. Although this work option has its logical pitfalls, now we will focus on its 6 most valuable benefits. Article composed especially for Vava Site.

A survey conducted among the Microsoft staff points out 10 main benefits of working remotely at home from the average employee viewpoint:

1) Flexible schedule

2) Save car gas

3) Avoid traffic jams

4) A lot more productive

5) Less distracting

6) No long home-work transfers

7) Less stressful ambiance

8) Calm atmosphere

9) More time for family communication

10) Ecologically friendly

#1. No Distractions

Outer distractions, chattering coworkers, inessential interruptions might all be eliminated if you are comfortable at home and barricaded in your own working environment from sealed off any possible irritants. Company owner also use employee monitoring tools.

#2. Less Stressful

The anger of being stuck in a bumper-to-bumper jam with everybody beeping at rush hour is enormously irritating, not talking about any productivity and can lead to peeved workers who are already outworn before they have even reached their office chair. This is mainly true when the workplace is quite far from home. Other sorts of tension often include unfriendly colleagues, unsuitable work atmosphere, and constant irritations.

#3. Kind of Healthy

Usually with the continuous trips and anywhere from 1 to 3 hours a day spent getting to and turning back from the workplace both physically and mentally adversely influence our health. By working remotely the commuting time saved allows you to carry out some physical exercise, to go for a walk for example before and after completing work or to work out in a local gym.

#4. Productive

Staying distant from the diversions and stresses of the office and working quietly all by yourself in your own preferred atmosphere at your own pace, you are always a lot more content and a whole lot more productive.

#5. Closeness to Family

For many people, both spiritual and physical proximity to family and the convenience of being at home are immensely comforting. For the parents, it can be especially calming to know that they are very close to their children and always there when they are needed the most. This also applies in the case if looking after elderly relatives.

Yet, although working from home appears to be convenient, many employers and managers still don’t appreciate it very much. Indeed, therein lies the issue along with the seeds of a solution. Poor managers, which, let’s face it, most don’t set distinct, measurable goals and outcomes. So they tend to think they are “witnessing the ultimate productivity” when a worker is literally confined in his cube, however they are really just witnessing his presence, but not his flow of thoughts.

If managers would just keep establishing goals, the terms of achieving them rather than they would actually know whether someone used to be productive or not, regardless of where the person was physically sitting.