7 Ways to Keep Your Feet Looking Great Year Round

It can be hard to keep feet looking great. It takes a lot of work to get soft feet that are free from dead skin, rough heels, and calluses. Nice feet are something that many people desire, but few can get. These are some ways to keep feet looking great all year round.

#1. Exfoliate the Feet

Exfoliating the feet will help remove dead skin which can look dry and may start to crack. A pumice stone or a foot file should be used. After soaking the feet in lukewarm water use the file of the pumice to scrape off the dead skin. Use a callus remover to tend to any calluses.

#2. Good Foot Soak

There is a foot soak that can also be used to remove the dead and dry skin. Mix one part of Listerine or other strong mouth wash, one part vinegar, and 2 parts of warm water. This can be mixed in the bathtub or a foot bath. The feet should then be allowed to soak for a period of 20 minutes. After this time gently dry the feet off. To remove all of the dead skin a foot file may still need to be used.

#3. Use Oil Based Lotions

You may be afraid to use an oil based lotion on their skin. You may have concerns that this will make the skin greasy. It is okay to use an oil based lotion only on the feet. If you cannot find an oil based lotion, then petroleum jelly will work just fine. These creams are usually too heavy to be used on the face but they are great for using on cracked heels can be a great callus remover remedy. It is even more effective if this cream is used at night. The cream should be applied to the feet at bedtime. To seal the lotion in put a sock right over the cream.

#4. Trimming the Toenails

Trim your toenails straight across. This makes your feet look better and will also reduce the chances of having an ingrown toenail. The nails should be trimmed when the nails are dry and with a clean toe nail trimmer.

 #5. Cleaning the Nails

It is important to keep the toe nails clean. Using a manicure stick to gently clean under the nail. Do not push too hard as this will lead to separation. Grease should also be removed from the toe nails. To remove grease dip a cotton ball into nail cleaner. Run it over the toenails. To further clean the toes take a small brush and apply some hand soap to this. Run the brush over the nail to continue to remove grease. When you are finished, gently rinse your feet.

#6. Daily Care

These are some things that can be done every day to take care of the feet and keep them looking good all year. Be sure to wash the feet every day. Letting water run over them in the shower is not enough. Be sure they are washed with soap and water. Dry off your feet and be sure to dry the area in between the toes. This will help to stop the development of fungus and bacteria.

#7. Homemade Hydrating Foot Cream

After soaking your feet, you can make your own hydrating foot cream. It has a pleasant scent and will help make your feet soft. It can be used on the entire foot including the ankles for smooth skin. Mix a spoonful of olive oil with 3 drops of either lavender oil or lemon oil. Mix this up well until it turns a milky color. This mixture can then be applied to your feet in order to keep them soft. If your heels are rough, you should mix one up of warmed honey with 1 tablespoon of milk. Add 2 tablespoons of orange juice and mix well. This mixture can then be applied to your heels for soft skin. These mixtures can be stored in the refrigerator for later use as well.

These are some tips to keeping the feet looking good all throughout the year. These tips can help you have beautiful feet and will allow them to look great any season.