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Alluc movie was best platform for watching online movies and web shows free. 

When it was announced that is dead it legit hurt more than a breakup. This site was a favorite of many online video viewers like me. Now that it is dead, it has become difficult to watch every movie in the theatre or to stay updated about the latest episode of TV shows. Online streaming allows us to watch movies and series as per our schedule and availability. With out of the picture, this now feels impossible.

A message posted on the site’s homepage reads as follows,

“The alluc search engine has been discontinued.

After 13 years of alluc, we decided to take a break and focus on other projects. Over this last decade, alluc served more than one billion unique users in total and we would like to thank all of you for your support over the years.

The search engine framework we created from scratch for alluc lives on with the guys over at, the biggest porn search engine in existence!

PS: Any other sites using alluc in their name are not run by us.”

“The decision was not driven by monetary reasons. We started alluc when we were still in high-school and it became into something bigger and better than we could have ever imagined when we started it,” Alluc’s Sebastian told TorrentFreak.

“But now it’s time for us to move on. We hope to have contributed a lot to the video space and to have helped out a lot of people during these 13 years of running alluc full time.”

Always looked upon as a pirate site by movie industry for providing both authorized and unauthorized content, Alluc always rejected the ‘pirate’ label. It saw itself as an “uncensored” search engine and they still see a future for similar services.

“There will always be a future for uncensored search and I hope us shutting down alluc can help to create the vacuum needed to incentivize new sites of similar quality and scope or even a decentralized solution to be created by others,” Sebastian told TorrentFreak.

However, thankfully, there’s good news. Many people are not aware, but there are many options available to watch new movies or even classic movies. I curated a list of other online streaming movies website that we can find solace in.

Alluc Movie Mirrors:


Best alluc alternatives to watch movies online

The choices I came across had a lot of features similar to our beloved Let’s explore them:


One of my favorite sites to watch latest movies is Fmovies. It has a library of all the movies that you would want to watch. The most attractive feature of this site is that it has categories of movies according to the Genre, Country, etc.,arranged in alphabetical order. This format allows you to search for the movie you want to watch without wasting much time. Another great thing about this site is that you can also watch episodes of TV series here like Alluc.

It also has a feature of “Auto-Next” that automatically plays the next episode when you are watching TV series. You can enable this feature to avoid wasting time for finding the episodes of the series again and again.


Another excellent option for streaming videos and movies online is 123Movies, Similar to Alluc. It is easy to find the film you are searching for as the site helps you navigate the film by the alphabet of the title, genre, and release year.

There are 20 genres available on this site, including Comedy, Action, Crime, and Animation.. It has all the movies available since 2011. If you want to see the latest releases, then you can use its feature of “New Movies” to find the new episodes of TV series and movies.

The most attractive feature of this website is that it allows its users to download the movie with the subtitles in it. There are also short descriptions of the film that can be helpful to decide if you want to watch the movie or not. All in all, it’s great for anybody who wants to watch movies and TV series online. Indeed an amazing site, this deserves to be counted as a great Alluc alternative.


The third option on this list is TwoMovies, which is also a free movie streaming site like the previously mentioned choices. It has an extensive collection of over sixty thousand videos, including movies and TV shows. Most of its collection contains all videos, but you can also find the updated list of TV shows and new episodes easily here just like Alluc.

The site enables the users to search the movie by its release year, which makes it easy for them to find the film. It is a great feature for someone who wants to watch a retro classic without wasting much time scrolling through the new releases.


If you want a simple website that is effortless to use you should probably check this one out. MovieWatcher has a pretty straightforward interface that offers the best user-friendly experience. It has a comprehensive list of recent releases as well.. Users can also search the movies according to their genre. One can find their favorite movies and TV series easily on this site.

The most attractive feature of this website is that it gives a little brief about the famous actors and actresses in the movies and series. It is an excellent substitute for Alluc with high update speed. The only con about using this site is that it asks you to register on the site before you start streaming videos.


Another website that offers a wide range of movies and series online is Moviek. It has a vast library of all types of videos, TV series, and adult content. You can stream movies online for free at fast streaming speed. Films are classified based on their genres, such as Action, Comedy, Classic, Adventure, and much more. The site also mentions other information about every movie such as rating, length, IMDB rating, release year, and cast.

The best feature about this site is that you don’t need to register for streaming videos online. It also offers different streaming links of variable quality like Alluc. So, with this you can  watch movies at an excellent speed while getting all the information about the film.

My Download Tube

If you are someone who likes to collect movies first and then watch them in your leisure time, then this site is best suited for you. My Download Tube requires you first to register on the site to be able to download the full HD movies online and view offline at your convenience. It is an excellent option for the people who like to watch movies in high resolution only. Although it might be time-consuming to download all the movies in the first place, it is totally worth it. All in all, this is a excellent Alluc alternative in terms of its update speed.

One can find all genres of movies such as animation, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. The straightforward classification of movies in different categories and subcategories makes it easy to find the film. A unique and attractive feature of this site is that it also allows its users to download free games.


This website is the best option for people who love watching classic cinemas. It is made specifically for the movies released in the early 1920s and beyond. People who enjoy reliving such retro classics will definitely find their treasures on the site. You can also search for the movies by specifying the actor. Just type his/her name and voila, your film will appear on the screen.

The key feature of this website is that every film you find here is digitally remastered to give the best viewing experience. All the movies are of HD quality. The site has all the films till the 80s. The films that were released after 2000 are not available on this site. Although that is the case, it is still a fact that it makes a great Alluc alternative.

Also, to make it more convenient for all the viewers, it suggests the list of top 500 movies of all time.


This website is also one of my favorites when it comes to watching movies online. It is an excellent alternatives to Alluc as it has a very user-friendly interface and allows the users to stream videos free of cost. The site also has a slideshow of the upcoming movies. There are lots of TV series and films that are listed on this site. You can also find new releases here.

The reason why I like this website is the fact there are no ad pop-ups while watching movies. So, you are not disturbed while streaming a film. Once you click the “Play” button, there are no hurdles in watching films. The only con of this site is that users need to register before viewing the movie.


Another excellent option for streaming movies just like Alluc is XMovies8. It has all-time popular movies in the category of animation, especially. The site has high-quality video content, which is its most attractive feature. You can also find series, TV shows, movies, etc. for free in HD quality. You can also search for the movie you want to watch easily on this site.

All the information about the movie, including the year, quality, ratings, genres is also mentioned on the site. The only downside of this site is that the ads appear while streaming videos.


he last alternative in this list is PrimeWire. It is another free online site useful for streaming entertainment media. The site has all types of media like movies, TV series and more. Different genres of movies are available on this site, including horror, comedy, action, etc.

Each movie has almost 15 different links for various video hosting websites. The domain address of this site has changed multiple times over the years. However, the current domain address is

All these above-stated websites are the perfect alternative for Now go, get your popcorn or your favourite snack and watch all those movies you had wish listed for a long time. If you ask me to name the one site I would prefer then it is definitely the alternative one is this list, FMovies.

I hope this article helps to make your weekends happy. Happy chilling!

Why You Should Always Use a VPN With Free Streaming Sites like Alluc?

Yes, VPN is the great way to protect yourself(Payment information) from the variety of cyber threats you may encounter on free streaming sites like Alluc.

Advantages of VPN :

  • Keeps your sensitive information private
  • Helps you avoid legal action
  • Allows access to geo-restricted streaming content
  • Blocks malware and intrusive ads
  • Safest way to surf Internet and watch movies

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