Create Your Own Android Apps

How to Create Your Own Android Apps for Free! Want to turn your innovative thought into reality? So what are you waiting for? No need to hire an android developer for that just create a mobile app free of cost and mold all your ideas into it by yourself!

With the growing trends everyone in excelling in the world of internet. People want to indulge in business via online surfing. Decades ago it was very difficult for all these things and almost next to impossible but now it’s not like that. The Internet itself offers many online courses to learn different things. Similarly, app development is a full technique and skill. If you want to develop an app then now it’s not really a big issue to develop it. You just need some basic knowledge and an android phone which is easily available accessories with much different and trendy mobile covers online.

Now there are two methods from which the development of app can be done. Firstly, there is a complete and lengthy guide whom you have to study and go through all the important steps. And after that step by step, you have to follow guidelines and develop an app which is a very lengthy app. But this is only for expert developers. On the other hand, if someone new in this field does not want to rely on others and want to create an app for himself then he should follow the following steps.


No hardcore work is required for the app development.  On online app development portal just put on basic things required according to your needs and get a design for your app. After that, you can go with necessary changes to flourish your design. After all the changes are done get a final layout of design and app


Many online tutorials are on YouTube which can help you in the guidance that how you can publish your app via these software’s. Next step after getting a design is to publish your app. There are basically two platforms on which any person can publish the app. One is Google play it’s for android phones and the second one is play store which is present in iPhones. To develop an app for ios is a bit difficult process, on the other hand, to build for Google play is a minimal task. Just put on some screenshots related to your app and some necessary details for the guideline of other people that why should they download your app and give the objective as well. This online software’s as mentioned earlier helps you to publish and share your app. Development of app and getting published is not really a very lengthy process. All you need are perfect tools for that.

Once your app is published you may download that on different android phones to ensure its proper working. After that, you may refer people and others to download the app so that thousands of installations are done. And your app will be live in the whole world. Isn’t it so easy?

Android phone is the best phone for all this procedure as it comes with complete Xiaomi cases packed in a new box.

As 80% people use android phones they are cheaper in prices so the development of app should be done on androids as its easy and much time-saving task.

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