Top Programming Languages to Consider for App Development

The coding world has been evolving continuously for quite some time. With new technological trends and advancements in technology, programming languages are evolving as well. Currently, more than a hundred programming languages are existing in the world. Therefore, picking one perfect programming language might get confusing.

To solve that, we are discussing a list of the top eight programming languages along with their unique features and project suitability. If you think you might find this information useful, you should keep reading until the very end of this blog. 


JS or JavaScript is a programming language used in almost 97% of websites and web-based applications. The JavaScript language contributes to the development of apps with visually appealing UIs and UX. JS is also used in building complex mobile apps along with the integration of the elements such as 2D/3D elements, interactive maps, animations, etc.

Features of JavaScript

  • JS is used to build complex applications
  • Developers use it to manipulate CSS and HTML data
  • Programmers create visually appealing content with JS
  • Useful to build interactive contents such as maps
  • Considered as one of the easiest programming languages


This high-level programming language is a perfect coding method for interactive development needs. The language is dynamic and has a simple syntax. Moreover, Python enables developers to create crucial actions and movements with less amount of coding required. Developers can also re-use scripts written in Python or integrate them into multiple applications.

Features of Python

  • Python is a perfect language for web and application development, Graphic designing, and software development among others
  • The programming language is reusable and recyclable
  • Python is interactive, therefore, simple to build attractive applications
  • It requires less amount of coding to execute more actions


C++ is a perfect programming language for building scalable applications. You can use this object-oriented programming language to create classes, data structures, encapsulation, inheritance, and more. Moreover, the programming language also includes logic creation, structure, and procedure building. C++ is also a perfect tool to use on the best hybrid frameworks to build mobile or web applications that can be used on multiple devices. 

Features of C++

  • C++ allows low-level data manipulation
  • Programmers can get total control over the memory management
  • There is large community support available for learners
  • Due to being an extended version, C++ is compatible with the C language
  • C++ is also the best language to create scalable mobile applications


This predecessor of Object-C is a programming language released by Apple Inc. and the open-source community in 2014. Swift is the perfect programming language for fast and reliable coding. If you are a developer focused on developing iOS friendly mobile apps, Swift is the perfect choice for you.

Features of Swift

  • Due to its strict syntax, the coding process mostly errors free
  • Swift is faster to develop and more accurate as well
  • The programming language is into trend currently
  • Swift is an open-source programming language with a huge community support


The open-source programming language is 100% free to use and can be used with Java anywhere. The programming language comes with powerful features and a clean development design. Currently, app developers are using Kotlin mainly to build mobile apps for Android phones. Moreover, Google has also announced that Kotlin is one of the official languages used for Android development. 

Features of Kotlin

  • Kotlin is used to streamlining the Android app development
  • The language is fully compatible with Java
  • Kotlin allows development process with less code writing
  • Kotlin is useful to build server, client, web, and Android applications


As you must have the idea already, HTML is a programming language used to build structures of websites, software, or mobile applications. HTML5 is the latest version of the same that gives more freedom to developers. At this stage, HTML5 allows the embedding of videos and audios with the help of a new tag included in the HTML5.

Features of HTML5

  • The language is a perfect option to build scalable mobile applications
  • Apps built with HTML5 require less maintenance therefore the app maintenance cost goes down
  • HTML5 supports offline browsing of the mobile applications
  • The HTML5 based development process is faster and cheaper


PHP is the programming language used for developing server-side backends of web pages. PHP has open-source frameworks, therefore, they are 100% free for users to use. You can use PHP for databases built with MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, and Informix among others.

Features of PHP

  • PHP is useful to develop cross-platform apps
  • The language has a huge community for an extensive support
  • PHP enables applications to load faster
  • PHP allows the integration of third-parties


Java has a history with the Android platform that goes back to 2008. When Android was launched, Java was adopted as the first language to create mobile applications. The language compiled with “bytecode” uses Java Virtual Machine (JVM) running on the Android OS.

Features of Java

  • Java is an object-oriented programming language
  • The language has a huge community to provide support content
  • Popular as the development language used to build Android apps
  • Java helps in building scalable mobile applications

To Conclude

if you go through the features of these programming languages for mobile app development, almost all of these languages are open-source and free to use. However, a few apps such as Swift have limitations like the development of iOS-specific mobile apps. On the other hand, programming languages such as Java are useful to build apps supporting multiple operating systems and devices. Now, because of its user-friendliness, Java isn’t only very popular but was also the first language Android OS adopted to build its mobile apps. 

A few years back, due to the limitations of devices and Operating systems, the development process had its limitations. However, programming languages are used to build apps with better capabilities and visuals now as devices are evolved and the internet is more accessible as well. If we go through the latest trends, the culture of building server-based applications is boosting as well. Therefore, programming languages such as Kotlin will witness improved popularity shortly as well.

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