Secret to App Development Success

The smartphone market is now larger than even most populated countries with over 6 billion users existing around the world. In the fourth quarter of 2022, as a Statista report shows, there were 8.1 billion iOS apps on the Apple App Store and 27.5 billion on the Google Play Store. 

So, to grow through this massive competition, it has become necessary to optimize not only the app marketing strategies but also the app development processes to deliver the best user experience. 

Furthermore, in this blog, we will discuss some of the secrets of hacking growth in this competition shared by experts from software development companies in the USA, the UK, India, and other countries. Some of these tips will also help you build better apps. Let’s have a look!

Optimize your UI/UX strategy

Your app’s UI/UX strategy influences outcomes like the average time users spend on your app, the number of uninstallations, the average user engagement pattern, app rating, and more. Your UI strategy should focus on a few factors-

  • Fast loading time
  • Easy navigation
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to eyes, etc

To improve the user experience, developers have also started leveraging AI and machine learning features. AI and ML help app developers deliver a better-personalized experience to their users. The technology collects user behavior data and personalizes recommendations accordingly. 

Famous brands like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Duolingo, and others are using AI and ML technologies in their UI/UX strategy to deliver personalized recommendations to every user on their platforms.

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Get creative with your marketing strategy

The quality of your marketing content is also important for the growth of your app. If you are targeting platforms like Instagram or TikTok to show ads, you will have to optimize your content strategy to stay relevant. These two platforms along with Facebook and YouTube focus specifically on the video content.

App marketers have the opportunity to hire dedicated social media teams that are well aware of social media trends. There are reels, YouTube shorts, and more that are being used by developers to promote apps. Not only that, the creativity of ads has also evolved with time. 

Now, instead of traditional app demos, app marketers are partnering with content creators to make apps a part of their videos, creating vines themselves, and using trending hashtags and audio to try to get viral. And that makes sense given the fact that Reels are now the fastest-growing Instagram as the data shows in a report by Hootsuite.

Hacking the App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the SEO alternative but specifically for app stores. ASO algorithms that rank apps evolve with time to improve the quality of apps listed among the top results on app stores. 

An ASO strategy includes keyword optimization, app description, screenshots, and other such steps. An App Radar report states, 65% of app downloads come directly from the searches. So, it is necessary to rank among the top results on app stores to secure good installation rates for your app.

Securing good reviews and rating

Apps focus on attracting good ratings and reviews to create the best impression on the mind of potential users. Ratings and reviews also give apps a boost among competitors in app stores. Popular app stores like Google Play Store and the Apple App Store consider ratings and reviews to provide apps with the required exposure. To collect app reviews, developers adopt strategies such as in-app feedback tools, in-app bonuses on ratings and reviews, etc. 

Best app performance and security

Two things that you can not compromise while building the app are performance and security. It is important to maintain the app loading time to ensure your potential users stay on the app. 

To optimize the app’s performance, developers optimize visuals, use fewer features, build apps that are not entirely relied on the internet, and more.

Another crucial factor is app security which is also required to be optimized at the stage of development. Best cybersecurity practices make it easier for potential users to trust apps with their data whether the data is financial, personal, or of any other kind.

Faster customer services and query resolutions

Customer assistance influences the users’ opinion about an app. If developers offer bad customer service, it will end up annoying potential customers and make them uninstall the app. 

Many top custom software development companies around the world have started using AI chatbots to optimize their customer service experience. AI chatbots reduce the query response time and also reduce the burden of work on human resources.

Wrapping up

There is no shortcut to hack the growth of any app in today’s market. However, the right marketing strategy and app quality can work wonders even when there is a massive boom in the number of apps around the world. However, whether you are a new developer or an experienced developer, you can use the above-mentioned strategies and optimize your app growth tactics around them.