The Top 5 Beauty Trends for 2020

In 2020 beauty is all about enhancing your best features. Natural beauty is in, and there is an emphasis on softly flushed cheeks and glowing complexions. It is an exciting time in the industry as there is a range of innovative products and treatments to look out for.

If you want to look and feel your best this year, these are the top beauty trends for 2020:

1. Long Lashes

Long, lush lashes are a must-have accessory in 2020. Fuller, darker lashes will frame your eyes and make them stand out. To get the look, start by investing in an eyelash curler and black mascara.

You can also enhance your natural lashes with a dedicated product, such as Lash Boost from Rodan + Fields. The best eyelash serums improve the appearance of your lashes by giving you fuller-, darker-, longer-looking lashes while maintaining moisture and preventing breakage.

2. LED Skin Treatments

LED skin treatments have become a popular addition to the traditional facial. This safe, non-invasive procedure uses LED light energy to target problem areas. Suitable for all skin types, the light penetrates the skin and rejuvenates and revives the cells.

You may need multiple treatments, but over time you could see acne, dermatitis, rosacea, dullness, scars, and wrinkles reduced.

3. Bold Eyes

2020 is an unusual year, and as we rock our face masks the eyes have become more important than ever before. Bold eyes are in, and now is the time to have fun with your eye shadow colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment with brighter hues, to make your eyes pop.

The hottest trend for eyeliner is dramatic, and the winged liquid look is still big. If you want to stay away from the typical black variety and mix it up, go for lighter eyeliner such as white or pastel.

4. Natural Skin

In 2020 we say goodbye to our thick, matte foundations and look for a more natural finish. The first step is to focus on your skin with the right cleansing and moisturizing routine. If you still need coverage, shop for a concealer and pair with a dewy foundation. This will make your skin look fresh and youthful, while still being understated.

For those with oily skin, a dewy foundation might not be the best fit. You may prefer a tinted moisturizer, or you can finish with a soft powder.

5. Ombre Nails

There are a few new nail trends to look out for, but one of our favorites for 2020 is ombre nails. Just like your hair, this is a gradient style that goes from light to dark. You can use any color scheme you choose and both matte and shiny polishes work well.

Two combinations we can’t get enough of are sunset with reds and oranges, as well as an ombre French manicure. If you want to try this at home, some patience will be required. Start with the darker base coat, and use a cotton tip to carefully apply, and blend, each new layer.

Beauty Trends for 2020

This year there are a number of beauty trends to look out for. Natural skin is in, and bold eyes with full, lush lashes are a must-have accessory.

LED light therapy is just one salon treatment that can help you get the clear skin you crave. Don’t forget, nails are always in fashion, and right now we adore gradient, ombre styles.