Tall Men Style Guide

It is a known fact that tall men have a naturally easy time getting on with their day-to-day activities, as they always seem to look excellent and confident. But how do they manage to carry themselves so well? Are they just born this way, or do they have the edge over others when it comes to styling? Well, it’s a bit of both. Here are ten essential styling tips for tall men to look effortless in 2021.

#1. Try High Waist Pants 

High-waisted may feel weird when you first try them out, but they will make your legs appear longer and leaner if paired with the right T-shirt or pants. They also give your torso this V-shaped illusion. If you’re not too sure how to pull them off, ask for help from your stylist, who will help you find the perfect high-waisted pants!

Nobody wants to be seen wearing the same clothes as someone else. That’s why it is important to pay attention to the latest styles and put your own twist on them. For instance, don’t simply wear the same shirt as someone else without thinking of ways to style it differently. You can try different big and tall sweatpants as well. 

#2. You can never go wrong with horizontal stripes 

Horizontal stripes still remain one of the easiest and most effective tricks to appear taller. They have been used by men who are short and tall alike to give off that illusion that they’re actually a few inches taller than what they already are! This works best on slim guys, so if you have a more muscular build, then this trick might not work as well for you.

#3. Keep thick-soled shoes for casual occasions

You want to make yourself look as tall as possible without sacrificing your style, then go for thick-soled shoes. Chunky and brogued styles like these give off a classy vibe and make you appear much taller than you actually are.

#4. Avoid wearing overly long shirts. 

This is a key tip for all men to follow! An overly long shirt can easily make your appearance look slouchy. Instead, go for a well-fitted top that ends around the waist or even slightly lower. This will not only help you appear taller but also leaner and fitter!

#5. High-contrast clothing 

They add high-contrast clothing pairs extremely well with an already tall frame, so if you want to look even taller, then try high contrasting outfits or vice versa. If you really want to go all out on an outfit then wear white trousers with black shoes and vice versa, it looks amazing!

#6. Neutrals are best for tall men. 

It’s a known fact that light colors make you appear taller, and it stands true if you want to try this out. The key is to go all dark or all light while keeping the other color as an accent. Avoid wearing two different colored pants, shoes, or shirts with each other because this can ruin the ‘Tall Men Style.’

#7. Keep patterns toned down when it comes to prints, don’t go overboard with them! 

A simple pattern on your shirt or tie is more than enough. Avoid going for triple prints or highly detailed patterns, as these tend to draw away from one’s appearance instead of complimenting it.

#8 Vertical stripes

It add eight vertical stripes been used by stylish men across the world to give off an illusion of being taller. They are very easy to pair with shirts or T-shirts, so don’t be afraid to experiment with them before you try wearing them for your casual outings.

#9 Dress according to your body type

Tall men come in all different shapes and sizes. Hence it is important that you dress according to your body type. If you’re tall but on the heavier side, then avoid wearing polo t-shirts because this will make you look fatter than usual. Instead, wear simple round neck t-shirts which will make your body appear more balanced and proportionate.

#10 Highlight what makes you unique

People pay attention if there’s something special about someone! For instance, if you have a unique hairstyle, then go for it because this will make you stand out in the crowd. If your size makes you look good, then wear clothes with large patterns or bright colors to give off that tall man chic vibe!

Now that you know what’s needed in order to pull off these simple tricks and tips, keep them in mind when going shopping next time around. As long as they are incorporated into your everyday wardrobe, they will definitely help you become not just look taller but feel more confident about yourself.