The Best Facebook alternatives

As WordPress has become a leading platform to develop instant websites many brands and businesses have now started utilizing the platform to create community and social networking websites like Facebook to earn the favor and trust of the global society. Internet in this contemporary world is not merely limited to serving one community or region but has evolved into serving global consumers, and building a social community website like Facebook is the easiest way to connect with people in a blink of an eye. 

Creating websites inspired by Facebook can be executed easily with the help of premium WordPress themes and plugins that allow users to create distinguished social networking websites with features such as the option for adding member profiles, sending a text message, es and above all, having a well define Facebook-like activity stream to customize experiences and events. To deliver this endeavor and vision, we have composed a list of popular WordPress social networking themes for you to pick and choose from. 

Why Are Social Networking Themes Important?

Brands nowadays have started to adapt to the growing wave of change and have devised plans to earn stable revenues from their consumers. For this vision to be realized, many brands and businesses have established well-defined in social media websites through WordPress where they can connect with a functional community, just like Facebook, through adding friends and members, customizing feeds, adding engaging content, and fun activity streams. Through such components, a brand can easily connect with their users, market their product and services through such a community, and above all, utilize the platform to gain valuable feedback to make their products more sophisticated and developed according to the needs of their consumers. 

Top WordPress Facebook Like Themes 2021 

  • BuddyX

BuddyX is an essential WordPress social media theme that lets users transform a website into an exemplary social media platform. Users can also customize their community and can have magnified Facebook-like features in a go. BuddyX incorporates features through which a website can seek to be converted into a social networking website and can offer functions such as creating user profiles, adding members panels, having an engaging activity stream, and content that can be shared and liked just like Facebook. What sets BuddyX apart is the additional plugin integration that comes with the free social networking theme for wordpress. BuddyX hosts Tutor LMS,  LifterLMS, and LearnDash plugin facility to cultivate an environment of social learning and facilitate the sale of online courses, create fun quizzes and have classroom experience straight from your website domain. Similarly, the theme also comes with Woocommerce integration that allows the users to create compelling social marketplaces. 


  • LifterLMS, TutorLMS, and LearnDash Integration for the enhanced social learning experience. 
  • Create an engaging social networking website with features such as the facility to add friends, create groups discussion and forums, and have access to activity streams. 
  • BuddyX comes with a woocommerce integration to convert websites in a social marketplace 
  • Create multi-vendor store using WC vendor support
  • Integrated social gamification feature
  • Open for customization

Reign BuddyPress Theme

Reign is another incredible WordPress social networking cum community theme that offers to create community-based websites and social networking sites using Buddypress and Buddyboss. Reign also offers support of additional plugins that make the social community WordPress theme much more efficient and easy to use, reign hosts a certain set of plugins called Dokan, WC vendors, and LearnDash, LifterLMS, and TutorLMS to deliver the best possible results. WC vendor and dokan integration offer social marketplace support through which a website can facilitate buying and selling of goods, whereas, with the help of LearnDash and other social learning plugins, a user can accommodate facilities to create and sell online courses and curriculums. 


  • Create social networking websites with BuddyPress and WordPress support
  • Woocommerce integration for a social marketplace support
  • Additional support of social learning plugins(TutorLMS, LifterLMS, and LearnDash) to facilitate the online sale of courses. 
  • Community branding and widget options
  • Discussion board with bbPress
  • EDD facility to sell services from the website
  • Social gamification feature

Community Theme

Community theme is also a wonderful social networking theme that encourages users to create community membership profiles as well as individual profiles. Users can also create engaging group and discussion forums to express their opinions and seek further support and guidance. Just like any other social network, the community offers customized profiles, instant messaging services as well as LearnDash LMS support to sell online courses, create interactive curriculums and quizzes to be sold online. 


  • Customized member profiles 
  • Facility to create social groups and discussion forums
  • Private messaging feature to text friends and family
  • Event and gallery calendar
  • Launch online courses that can be sold directly from the website through Learndash LMS integration

OneSocial Theme

OneSocial theme offers excellent services to users who are looking for a community-based social networking site. The theme comes with a minimalistic design and offers a wealth of functions and features such as customization of various theme elements and support of a social marketplace plugin called Woocommerce. The theme supports multiple languages and also is highly sophisticated to offer intuitive design and clear-cut functionality. 


  • Minimalist design and easy to use
  • Woocommerce integrations to convert website into a social marketplace 
  • Comes with social login and multiple language support
  • The theme is SEO friendly
  • The theme is retina-ready and offers a sitewide search facility. 


Kleo is another noteworthy and popular WordPress social networking theme that offers incredible features that add value to the theme and its performance. The theme comes with pre-installed demo pages to create professional communities and also hosts a separate section for blog writing as an essential service listing. The theme offers a unique Buddypress supported the design and comes with WP customized to shift and alter various elements present on the pages of the website. 

The theme comes with Sensei and Woocommerce plugin integration to host e-commerce and social learning-based websites. 


  • Buddypress and WordPress support creating community websites with features such as adding friends, instant messaging, group and member pages/forums, activity stream, and a dedicated blog page. 
  • Ajax search integration
  • The assistance of Sensei and Woocommerce plugins
  • RTL and membership ready


Social networking websites are created to allow the users to have engaging Facebook-like elements available for further access. Similarly, brands and other entrepreneurial enterprises have now begun to explore and seek help from such community-based themes and websites to enhance their prospects of gaining loyal users and build a steady momentum to earn revenue and wealth. With WordPress, it has become very easy for brands to develop a social networking website that is trendy and contemporary like Facebook and also possesses all key features needed to make a community website successful in the long run.

Author Bio- Shashank Dubey, a contributor of Wbcom Designs is a blogger and a digital marketer. He writes articles associated with different niches such as WordPress, SEO, Marketing, CMS, Web Design, and Development, and many more.