A Simple Guide to Getting Beautiful Lashes

You wish your eyelashes were long and beautiful, and you’ve tried different things but to no avail. Where do you go next?

There are some ways to get beautiful lashes that you might not have considered, and we outline them all here. Wondering how to get pretty eyelashes? Look no further to find out.

Brush Your Lashes

Not only will brushing make your lashes look great, but they’ll give you longer lashes too.

Just get an eyelash brush or comb with soft bristles and put either a little petroleum jelly or some vitamin E oil on them. Then apply it onto your lashes by brushing gently with upward strokes — just start from the bottom and move upwards.

Do this about two times each day for five minutes, and you should start to see results.

Use Castor Oil

Have you considered using castor oil to get beautiful eyelashes before? It’s more effective than you might think.

You can use a cotton swab to apply the oil to your eyelashes before bed, and then rinse them off in the morning — you might decide to mix it with a few drops of vitamin E oil too.

Another option is to mix about two tablespoons of castor oil with some aloe vera gel, which you then apply using cotton pads. Again, leave it on overnight before washing the next morning.

Change up Your Routine

Growing your eyelashes and making them look beautiful can be as simple as just making sure you stick to a proper grooming routine with the right products.

Instead of waterproof mascaras, go for one that’s easier to wash off, and a more gentle makeup remover too. Avoid curling your lashes while trying to grow them out, and it can help to take biotin supplements too.

Use Latisse

Latisse (bimatoprost) is the only medication approved by the US Food and Drug Administration that’s proven to make your lashes longer and thicker, and it can be prescribed by your doctor.

Just apply it to the lash line of your upper eyelid on a regular basis, and you can see results in as little as two months.

While it’s generally considered to be safe, however, there are some possible side effects. You might get red, itchy or dry eyes, or see hair growth on your face around your eyes if you don’t apply it properly.

Go for Extensions

If you need longer lashes in a pinch, you can always get extensions.

Have a look for eyelash extension supplies of a good quality. When you apply them right, they can look natural, with semi-permanent fibers, and you can choose between various lashes to tailor your look — don’t hesitate to visit a professional for best results.

Getting Beautiful Lashes

If you’re wondering how to get the best lashes, Latisse is the only scientifically proven way, while extensions can get you beautiful lashes on a temporary basis too. However, there’s no harm in trying any of the home remedies mentioned here either — it’s up to you!

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