How to do Makeup at Home

The exact ingredients are suitable for the type of face, skin and occasion and can change the gender on cleaning in minutes. At the same time, uneven lines in the foundation, for deep redness or brittle arrows will also have the opposite effect. In this article, you will get to know about these top makeup rules to follow at home without spending a lot of time and always searching for freshness.

The basic makeup of women of all ages has not changed – proper makeup emphasizes the nature and beauty of the face. If you are right when you are 18, remember to decorate your skin and make your lips perfect so you cannot after 30 or 40.

Unfortunately, there is no universal aging method.

To hide all the imperfections of the face and highlight its benefits, you need a good foundation, circles hidden under the eyes, shadows and shadows needed, eyebrow pencils and lots of other equipment. Make sure you already have the necessities such as ring lights and organizers like the ones you can get from Luvo Store. Remember, all your efforts can be easily wasted if things go wrong with your makeup. It’s always better to prepare.

10 Steps for doing Makeup at Home:

Step 1: Moisturize your face

The main rule of care for beauty products for the face on clean and hydrated skin.

After washing, suitable skin and other creams are suitable for:

  • With food suitable for oily skin
  • Strong wet grease for drying
  • Ordinary simple moisturizer

Step 2: Apply Makeup Base

We absorb the cream and apply the base cream under makeup.

The alkali or primer acts as a barrier between cosmetics and the epidermis.

It contributes to a homogeneous distribution of products, improves their durability and saturates colors. Choose a primer based on age and skin type.

Step 3: Refresh Your Eyes with Concealer

After priming the correction, it is necessary to hide dark circles and black bags under the eyes.

The color of the concealer should match the shade of the skin and the foundation.

It is better to buy two products of the same brand. To clear a circle will immediately express your desire to get rid of all available and inaccessible means.

Step 4: Fix the Result with Foundation

First we sculpted the face according to the shape.

Now apply a step base.

If the cream is completely absorbed, use a translucent powder to gently spread the powder over the face to make the skin dull.

Ideally, the foundation should match the color of the skin, as too light or too dark colors will give the face a mask.

The fabric should also be applied to the throat and chest cavity, otherwise the naked eye will notice the difference in shade.

Step 5: Draw Eyebrows

Eyebrow wax is one of the basic conditions for ideal makeup.

You can use brown pencils and matching shadows to give them beautiful shapes.

However, first remove excess hair and cut it too long.

Now gently pull the eyebrow contour from start to finish, and then mix it up. To make the look more open, we bend and fold the tip.

Step 6: Apply Blush

If you do not know how to apply blush, smile a little, then apply fine lines to the cavities formed, and then mix the product with the temples.

To maintain a consistent tone, it is best to use a brush made of natural material to move constantly to apply the blush.

Also, keep in mind that if you choose redness, consider the color of your skin as well.

Girls often use bronzer instead of blush, but it’s important to understand that there is no brown blush in nature – pink, coral, red – yes.

Bronze can be used to darken certain parts of the skin.

Step 7: Emphasize the Beauty of the Eyes

Next comes the eyeshadow, pencil and eyelids.

When choosing a shade, look at the relevance of the makeup: it is best to use black / brown pencils and 2-3 light shades a day.

It is better to prefer opaque cultural relics, such as cultural relics that have reliably remained in the past.

Cover the lashes with a pencil shade to make the lashes thicker – these lashes look thicker and have a more expression.

The pencil line should not be too thick, otherwise the makeup will look vulgar and messy.

Never use a black eyeliner on the inside of the eyelid to highlight it with a very low shade. Otherwise, the view will be smaller.

Step 8: Lipstick or Shine?

Applying lipstick or shine is the final step in makeup.

Close to nature, but not too bright shadows, will help highlight the beauty of the lips: coral, peach, pink or light berries.

Step 9: Extend Makeup Life

The task of the complex is to persist for several hours. To do this, you will help the lock come out at night and rinse it with warm water during the day.

Step 10: The Correct Make-Up Remover

The facial skin is particularly thin and fragile. It is easily affected by negative effects, including cosmetics.

Therefore, be sure to rinse your makeup out to inhale the pores before going to bed.