Shapewear Tips To Always Look Your Best

Despite the push for body positivity, there’s always someone out there who wishes their body parts to be slimmer, perkier, or more defined. Batwing arms, back fat, and a belly pooch can look highly annoying when you need to look your best.      

From celebrities to working moms and dads, people have been putting on shapewear to boost their confidence. These undergarments are undoubtedly must-haves for a more attractive silhouette, as they can temporarily shave a few pounds off the body.  

Globally, the market value for shapewear is pegged at USD$1.9 billion. The figure will likely grow at eight percent annually from 2021 to 2028.

If you’re new to shapewear or are wondering how to look best inside one, discover how these undergarments work and how to look your best while wearing them.   

How does shapewear work?   

In essence, shapewear is a compression undergarment worn to provide you with a more flattering look. As body shapers work to redistribute unwanted fat around your problem areas, you’d look slimmer and curvier in an instant. Repositioned fat fills in the spaces where compressed muscles are present or in places where you want them to go. 

This redistribution of fat works beyond creating a slimmer look, though. For instance, if you want to have a perkier chest and a bigger bottom, some undergarments may be able to help you with that. These types of enhancements are made possible through the use of highly expandable fabrics such as nylon and spandex; and the way these fabrics are patterned and sewn together.   

Five shapewear tips to look your best  

There are so many choices available on the market these days; it’s pretty easy to choose the wrong type of shapewear without proper guidance. Avoid common shapewear mistakes by taking heed of the following:    

Determine your body type  

While you should be comfortable in your skin, some spots probably need definition and compression. Identify your body type and shape so you’ll know which clothing styles can accentuate your features. Finding out the dress styles that flatter you is the first step in looking good. Learning how to hide your problem area and how to highlight your best features comes second.

Once you know how to amplify your assets, you’ll automatically feel good with whatever you’re wearing. But of course, you need the help of body shapers now and then to help you look your best.   

Take accurate body measurements  

An accurate measurement is crucial so you won’t end up with a piece of undergarment that’s too big or too small for you. It can sometimes be confusing how to get the correct measurement for your body. Below are a few tips for those who may be confused about doing it the right way. 

  • Bust: Put the tape under your breasts, typically just where your bra band sits. Then, measure the fullest part of your bust.    
  • Hips: Measure the widest part of your buttocks by placing the measuring tape around it.  
  • Shoulders: Have someone help you place a measuring tool across your back. Take the figures from the edge of one shoulder to the other.  
  • Waist: Use the measuring tape like a belt and place it over your belly button. Check whether you found the right spot by bending slightly to the side and locating the crease form.

Once you have the accurate figures, compare them with your brand’s size chart to get looking slimmer in an instant

Know your size based on manufacturers’ guidelines  

Have you ever noticed that undergarments come in small, medium, large, and so on, instead of numbered sizes like most clothing? That’s because shapewear sizes rely on body measurements, as set by the manufacturer. For instance, individuals who fit into sizes zero to four can wear a small-sized body shaper.  

However, because body shapes are different, for instance, some size four women may have wider hips than their counterparts—shapewear companies have size guidelines that pinpoint the measurement range. So, instead of merely putting ‘medium’ on the tag, a manufacturer typically cites that the product is ideal for users whose waistline measures anywhere between 28 and 32 inches.  

Always refer to the size guidelines before buying any shapewear, especially if you plan to purchase online.        

Visit the lingerie store for a fitting   

If health and safety protocols in your country allow it, visit the shop of your choice to see how the product fits. Try the item on, and, if you can, bring along the clothes you’re planning to use alongside the body shaper. Take your time and move as you would after purchasing the item.  

Apart from the cut, style, and fit, consider how comfortable the undergarment feels. Choosing the right product could mean taking different items to choose the right fit. Having the chance to wear the item before buying it is one of the upsides of visiting a store. Doing this can speed up your shapewear hunting activity.         

If you need to shop online, make sure to do tip #2 and check the website for their return policies. You don’t want to risk buying ill-fitting shapewear that highlights rather than hides your problem areas.   

Avoid ill-fitting shapewear  

To some, this may already be obvious. However, it’s a common rookie mistake to choose shapewear that’s too small. If you fail to get your measurements accurately, you might end up having an undergarment that causes unpleasant lumps in places where you don’t want them to show up.     

So, how do you know whether a body shaper is too tight? Besides the physical indications, as earlier mentioned, an ill-fitting product will cause general discomfort when being worn. And as you may already know, an uncomfortable feeling negatively impacts your confidence levels.  

A good rule of thumb is requesting for a larger size if the clothing feels like cutting through the flesh of your thighs or hips, for example. 

The dangers of wearing undergarments that are too tight          

A body shaper that’s too tight can restrict blood circulation. But it’s not the only thing that’s worrying. Ill-fitting shapewear may also slow down the digestion process and cause bloating. When worn for long periods, it can trigger or aggravate acid reflux.    

It can also compress the nerves, leading to numbness and a tingly sensation. In some cases, it can cause leg swelling and breathing difficulties. As such, wearing inappropriately sized undergarments must be avoided at all costs, being that it can be detrimental to your self-esteem and health.   

Opt for the suitable material 

Depending on the compression level of the shapewear, you’ll often see a good mix of nylon, lycra, and spandex in your body shaper. While known for their extreme stretching properties, these synthetic fabrics aren’t breathable. 

If you live in cold regions, this won’t be an issue, being that you need to retain as much body heat as possible. However, this may not be favorable for humid countries, as it can make you sweat more than you should. In such cases, you can choose a product mixed with breathable materials like cotton or bamboo fibers.  

With technological advancements, some products offer good body shaping capacities even with lighter and thinner fabric materials. However, the fact remains that the thicker and more stretchable fibers are, the better lifting and holding properties they possess. 

Know which shapewear targets your problem area   

You may think you only need a specific type of shapewear because you don’t have significant problems elsewhere. In some cases, however, you could end up buying another item after realizing that you need to smooth out another body part, too.     

With a better understanding of each shapewear works, you’ll be able to avoid this common problem. Here’s a rundown of the most common body shaper and the problems areas they’re good at ‘fixing’:    

  • Body shapers or bodysuits: Best for persons who want their whole torso or thighs and panty line covered. Hides the backs and sides as well as the belly fats perfectly. It helps make breasts perkier, creates instant cleavage, and can be worn with or without a bra.  
  • Shaping Panties: Perfect for compressing a bulging tummy and a wide waistline, they give you the confidence to wear any clothes.    
  • Shaping Camisoles: Smoothens out bra fat, cinches the waist, and flattens the stomach.  
  • Shaping Tights or Pants: Worn mainly for tummy and waist-cinching, they can slim the lower parts of your body, too. Some come in booty-enhancing styles.    
  • Shaping Shorts: Come with a high waistline to streamline the tummy and waist. Persons struggling with thigh fat can benefit, too.    
  • Shaping Half Slips: Great for getting rid of tummy bulges and perfect for wearing under tight-fitting skirts. 
  • Corsets or Waist Cinchers: Also called girdles, they define the waistline and are often used with other body shaping products. This slimming tool is responsible for inspiring the shapewear industry.  
  • Arm shapers: Whether you’re wearing a long-sleeved top or a sleeveless dress, you can wear this item to slim your arms or give them more definition.

The final squeeze 

Different pieces of shapewear can target your main problem areas. Besides helping you look slimmer and curvier; it can also boost your self-confidence—allowing you to feel good by looking great.  

However, as these body shapers can only provide temporary solutions, the wearer must practice proper weight loss techniques to achieve long-term results and stay ahead of the curve.  


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