Nine Tips To Slice A Few Pounds Off Your Appearance Instantly

Fashion folklore has it that your level of self-confidence is directly proportional to how satisfied you are with your overall appearance. And most of our closets have that one dress or pair of jeans that always makes us feel attractive. Yet, it’s unrealistic to depend on just a few pieces for your daily esteem and outfit needs. Sometimes, even the most cheerful among us can feel not-so-great about our bodies or our wardrobes. In a moment, even the most well-fitting and stylish pieces can seem drab and insufficient. In such scenarios, fashion advice and styling tips can come in handy.

Making wise shopping decisions and utilizing some clever tips can be incredibly impactful for your body image and appearance. So, here are some valuable styling tips to boost your confidence (and fit) on days you’re not feeling like the best version of yourself.

Look for ways to add height

No, you don’t have to start wearing high heels to appear taller. All you have to do is add in footwear with a bit of elevation. There are tons of options to elongate your legs’ appearance, including wedges, kitten heels, mules, and block heels. If you prefer comfort but still want some height, choose platform sneakers. 

Bonus tip: Move up the rise of your bottoms an inch or so to instantly increase the length of your legs.

Make shapewear your best friend

Let’s be honest, most curvy women are probably fed up with advice on trying shapewear like Spanx to achieve thinner figures. But, here’s the good news. Stretchable foundation garments deliver on their promises. With the right choice of plus size compression shapewear, ladies can conceal unseemly bulges while attaining an overall structured and smoothened-out appearance.

Go for seamless items like slimming camisoles, briefs, or full-body pieces. Try to choose ones with reinforced panels to hold in your belly, reshape your waist, and lift your backside. The correct shapewear allows you to pull off the tightest bodycon, skinniest jeans, and even slinky evening gowns, worry-less! It is best for instantly achieving a toned appearance.

Go monochrome

Irrespective of your body shape and size, matching your bottom and top fabrics can help you achieve a sleek and slim look in seconds. Meaning, wear clothes in the same color range and intensity and minimize contrast whenever possible. For instance, pair a basic white tee with light-wash jeans and a darker hoodie/sweatshirt with black leggings. You can even mix and match seasonal items. 

What’s more, you can spice up your monochrome outfit by incorporating fun prints and patterns. For instance, you can pair a silk blouse with matching culottes and a cardigan. When tonal looks are concerned, nothing gives as much of a crisp silhouette as pantsuits.

Give maxi skirts and loose dresses a chance

Contrary to popular fashion beliefs, plus-sized and curvy women can carry off flowy dresses and skirts, that too quite graciously. A high-waisted or tailored maxi skirt can trick the eye into thinking one’s taller and leaner than their actual measurements.

Go for solid versions, ones that slide across the length of your body and create a vertical look. Plus, stay away from pleats, layers, and elastic waistbands. Moreover, always pair maxi skirts with fitting tops like a tucked-in tee or dark-colored blouse to not get buried under all the fabric.

Rock medium or high-rise bottoms

When carried properly, high-waist bottoms can give off a more slender and leaner appearance. How? Despite their notorious reputation, medium and high-rise pants can add height and elongate your legs and lower body. Consider getting a pair that’s stretchy, slim-fitting, ankle-length, and has some spandex for movement.

To correctly highlight the high waist, pair it with a tucked-in t-shirt, crop top, or tailored blouse. Rather than selecting super high-waist bottoms with elastic waistbands, choose a slightly higher-rise with a zipper fly that sits directly above your belly button.

Vertical over horizontal 

The oldest rule of thumb in fashion is choosing vertical stripes and staying away from horizontal ones. Vertical lines and patterns give off the illusion of a longer and taller body. In comparison, most fashionistas know that horizontal stripes and patterns make one look wider. For that reason, it’s so tricky to rock super-fitted bodycon dresses, especially those with horizontal patterns. Still, most body types can look flattering with a tucked-in Breton-striped shirt paired with dark-wash jeans.

Choose fitting undergarments 

Don’t forget to review the basics before jumping to tummy-control underwear and waist cinchers for a slimmer appearance. Most women go through their entire lives wearing the wrong-sized bra, wondering what’s lacking in their dressing style. Unbeknownst to them, a well-fitting bra can offer support and hoist your bosom in the right place. Consequently, your waist will be more defined and your posture more straight. If you’re unsure about your size, try getting measured at a department store or boutique with a diverse range of sizes and styles.

Bring out your waist

For folks not afraid of a bit of tummy bulge, belts are the safest option to add instant shape and definition to an outfit. Plus, belts are great for people coping with weight changes and related side effects like overly boxy torsos. 

Since COVID-19 has limited most of our social interactions to Zoom meetings, style trends have switched to more comfortable and baggier clothing items. That’s why loose shirts, tiered trapeze dresses, and utility pants are all the rage these days. And to pull off these items, adding a nice belt on or above the waist can ensure your curves don’t get lost. Longer cardigans, dresses, and popover shirts all pair perfectly with belts. The itty-bitty waists propagated by media and societal norms are an unrealistic beauty standard. However, you can significantly shape your current waistline by creating a slight indentation between your bust and hips.

Mask and highlight using combination colors

So, what if wearing monochrome isn’t your thing? You can opt for darker shades only to mask your problem areas. Some people love their upper bodies more than their legs. If you’re in the same boat, pairing a fitted black skirt or pants with a bright-colored top can help highlight and mask the right areas.

For instance, a dark blazer can do wonders to hide any unappealing bits on the midsections, arms, and hips. Besides tailored jackets, silky button-downs and skinny flat-sweaters can also do the trick. Just add pair of colored or printed bottoms to keep the attention on your gorgeous legs!

The final word

All bodies are beautiful and look best when adorned with clothes that flatter their unique shape. Even if one feels confident in the way they look, some simple hacks can instantly uplift outfits and make them seem more fitting and crisp. This article mentioned some such ideas, including wearing medium-rise jeans, going monochrome, and adding a belt.