Great Outdoors

Whether you like the fresh air or the chance to marvel at the natural wonders of the world, working in the great outdoors has positives and negatives. The unpredictability of the weather can make it a challenge, but not being cooped up in a stuffy office can make it worthwhile. We present to you the five best careers for people who like the great outdoors.


If you are green-fingered then becoming a gardener could be the perfect occupation for you. It is imperative that you can work under the guidance of someone else, but also independently. It can be a lonely job at times, but if you take pride in the way a garden looks and the tasks you are doing, it could certainly be worthwhile. You could be self-employed and build up your own business or be employed directly by a large estate. There are many options. Self-employment would undoubtedly mean incurring a range of initial start-up costs for equipment, whereas working for someone else would avoid that.


Spending time outdoors really is a huge part of being a soldier. From exercise in barren countryside to deployment in foreign lands, there are so many opportunities for spending time outdoors. Of course, this is far from being an easy option and there are countless considerations to take into account before making a decision. Safety is a concern for many, but with up-to-date equipment and protective gear such as an armor plate carrier, the risks are lower than most people think.


Responsible for upkeep of animals bred on private land in the interests of sport, the role of a gamekeeper is both challenging and varied. From being responsible for and guiding hunting parties on the land to laying traps to catch vermin, the role has many parts to it. However, the vast majority is outdoors and therefore you will have plenty of time to enjoy the fresh air and all that comes with that. There are also moral considerations to be made prior to pursuing a career in this area.


Most farmers have been brought up on a farm and agriculture almost runs through their veins. Don’t let that stop you though if you have always fancied a career on the farm. The work is extremely varied, but the hours are long and the graft is hard. It is important to be flexible and during harvest, you will be required to work even more hours. A good level of health is important and a willingness to get stuck in whatever the job.

Outdoor activity leader

There are a number of outdoor activity centres all over the country (world, in fact) where children and adults go to take part in a range of activities. From archery to abseiling, orienteering to kayaking, there are a vast array of things you could be responsible for demonstrating and overseeing. It is possible that the work could be seasonal, with some centres not opening during the winter months.