In today’s digital world, business is changing at an incredibly fast pace thanks to advances in IT. As your business grows, your clientele grows and the data you manage increases as well. How you handle your IT infrastructure has a telling effect on your revenue and reputation as a company.

Today’s data threats do not discriminate; they attack big businesses and small businesses alike. For a lot of businesses, cyber breaches are no more a question of “if” but “when.”

If you are a small business, you cannot afford cyber attacks. Statistics indicate that 60% of small businesses that suffer a cyber attack are often out of business within six months. You read that right: six months!

With mounting cyber threats, companies must ensure they are not caught napping. Here are three things you can do now to ensure cyber attacks do not cripple your business.

#1. Make Cybersecurity a Priority

There are companies that treat cybersecurity as a dispensable expense. However, without proper cybersecurity, a company is susceptible to all kinds of attacks.

So make cybersecurity a priority in your company. This should reflect on the funds committed to your IT infrastructure and IT architecture. It should also reflect on the caliber of people you hire to man your IT infrastructure as well as your company’s IT strategy.

Your company’s IT strategy should also clearly outline the plans and strategies that would ensure your cybersecurity is not compromised.

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#2. Conduct Intermittent Cybersecurity Training

The story is all-too-common: a company’s employee receives an email link and gleefully clicks unaware that it was a malware-infected link. With that one click, the company’s software, customer’s data etc. are all affected.

From there it’s a lost cause. It becomes a maze of losing reputation with customers, ransoms and blackmails, expensive cybersecurity consultation until the company finally folds up. Your employees are more susceptible than you think. That is why cybersecurity should not be the focus of IT technicians alone. The awareness of cybersecurity threats should be drummed home into the mind of every employee. This can be done through consistent training and retraining of personnel.

Today’s employees are almost always on the internet, working with data, opening emails, moving from one site to another and constantly communicating with co-workers and clients, and without appropriate training, it is possible to have debacles.

#3. Engage Industry Experts

Working with people who have been in the industry, who have gleaned valuable experience and are abreast with the current trends is a safe bet. Such experts have a broad array of expertise and strength in areas ranging from banking to retail.

In looking for agencies that can help you, be sure to examine their track record, their area of expertise and strength, availability as well as their experience in the area you intend to operate in. For instance, if your company operates in a place like Singapore, the experts at who have worked there since 2006 will be well-positioned to help you.

Wrapping Up

No company should be caught dragging their heels when it comes to committing resource to ensuring cybersecurity. In an age where a slew of cybersecurity attacks can cripple a company, nothing should be left to chance.

Ensure that in your company culture and ethos, cybersecurity is upheld. Also, constant training of employees can ensure safety. But in all that you do, don’t forget to call on industry experts who can help you secure your company from cyber attacks.