Tartuffe is one of the most famous Moliere’s works. It’s about a smart fellow who succeeds to fool Orgon, a rich man from a wealthy house. In work, the writer has captured how everyone but Orgon is unable to see his pretense. This play at https://freebooksummary.com/tartuffe-summary-77047 is unique and has several intense moments that cannot be unseen. An honest review of the play has been presented which will provide an insight into the core features of Tartuffe.

The theme of the play

The play by Moliere has been designed humorously and tactfully. Without offending any viewers, the piece makes fun of fake religious virtue and authoritative power. The tone of the play is set in such a genuine manner that it does not make the viewers uncomfortable. The situations flow in a great sequence, which makes the play, and the characters seem extremely genuine.

Orgon’s and Tartuffe’s families

Orgon and his family members are extremely important characters. In the play, it is evident that both Orgon and his mother Madame Pernelle have taken Tartuffe as their family member. These simple individuals are not able to see the kind of fraud person he is. They have been so intrigued by Tartuffe that they consult him for everything. His advice is considered by the family to take every decision. Due to such a behavior of Orgon and his mother, other family members and servants seem to be somewhat uncomfortable.

The best character of the play

All the actors have done a commendable job while working on the play. But the titular character is the gem that shines throughout the play. He can have complete control over his fake character. The way the actor, Tom Rooney, brings life to the character is incredible. The appearance of his character in the second act, where he comes out with a bathing rope shows the level of hypocrisy that existed among the elite religious communities.

It is hard for the viewers to ignore the fact that Tartuffe is wearing a crucifix around his neck and at the same time, and seducing Elmire, Orgon’s wife. The necklace signifies that he is a religious and virtuous human being, but his actions say otherwise. The simple scene is one of the best examples that highlight how religious elites of those times behaved hypocritically.

Other breathtaking characters

Moliere has given special attention to every character of the play. Many characters have unique personalities and traits. Akosua Amo Adem gave justice to Dorine, who was a bold and saucy individual. Even though she played the role of a maid in the piece, she was one of the highlights of the show as well.

Her character was somewhat brash, but at the same time, she was a treat to watch. Dorine was well aware of the real nature of Tartuffe. So the audience could see that she was trying hard to make sure that his true intention was revealed to the other characters. She even played a vital role and helped Valere to win the hand of the Orgon’s lovely daughter in marriage.

The setting of the play

The setting of the play has been designed by keeping in mind the modern social backdrop. One will notice the modern chandelier piece which has four candles. This decorative piece sets the mood of the piece and makes the ambiance more realistic for the audience. A comfortable looking sofa is placed in the center stage with some pillows. A carpet has also been placed underneath so that a realistic atmosphere can be created.

The audience members can also view a staircase that will lead a person to another room. The entrance of the house is designed to give a realistic feel to the entire situation that the characters of the piece are going through. The role of the entire play backdrop is extremely vital as it captivates the attention of audience members.

Humor and perfect comic timing

The play was a combination of humor, realism, and comedy. Even though the play revolved around the hypocritical behavior that existed among religious elite individuals, the portrayal was done realistically. For instance, there was a particular scene where Elmire tries to seduce Tartuffe when her husband is awkwardly hiding.

Even though the scene was pretty intense where Tartuffe’s true nature could be revealed, it was executed humorously. Laurent was another important character in the play which added to the comic element in the piece. Even though he was silent almost throughout the play, his presence added to the humorous events that were taking place. There were a few other characters as well who offered comic relief to the viewers.

Humorous play with a real message

The Tartuffe piece by Moliere is a smart, humorous, and bold work that viewers from all over the world can relate to. It was written in the year 1664, but King Louise XIV of France had censored it. One of the reasons for this was the existence of strong religious fundamentalism at the time. But the comic element that has been integrated with the piece helps to show the real message about hypocrisy among religious elites.

This work will give the viewers the real taste of funny French comic work. Every actor that has portrayed a role in Tartuffe has given justice to the play in his or her unique style. The characters have been portrayed with a sense of realism, which helps the audience to connect with the play and most of the characters.

The fun element was present throughout the show, and it gave the intense play a funny and humorous look. It is a vital theme of the piece, which makes it more interesting and enjoyable for the viewers. The team of actors, directors, and other professional staff has worked hard, and it reflects throughout the piece. So anyone interested in French plays must give it a try, and he or she will come out laughing with the tears of joy and satisfaction.