15 Best Tech and Computer Magazines

I am an unabashed, unapologetic geek. My room is littered with tech mags and computer parts. I use my Spectrum internet to access tons of online magazines. It’s almost like being bitten by a tech-specific love bug. I have been tinkering around with hardware since my early teens. But the real reason I read so many magazines is to quench a seemingly unquenchable thirst for all things tech. Today, I have tons of options to help me satisfy that particular craving.

You probably know of some of the magazines on the list I’m about to describe. Some of them will undoubtedly be new to you. Technology magazines are the holy books of geeks and enthusiasts alike. Many contemporary magazines raise the bar very high when it comes to detailed content and subjects. There are so many magazines out there, that selecting a mere 15 out of them all is a challenging task. The magazines in this list have maintained a particularly high and consistent standard with each edition.

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What are the best Computer and Tech magazines?

Each magazine offers its unique take on the changing technological landscape we live in. From cutting-edge technology reviews to DIY PC building, this list has it all. Let’s briefly discuss the merits of each magazine. Here are my top picks for the tech and computer category:

American Scientist

American Scientist is a very perky publication that has been around for around a century. It is known for its intriguing way of delivering technology news to a diverse readership. Published bi-monthly with five well-researched, comprehensive articles in each edition, American Scientist is a popular magazine in America. The articles cover a range of technology from agricultural applications to quantum computing. And interestingly enough, the articles include cartoon illustrations for better understanding.

Popular Science

Popular Science, or PopSci as it’s better known, is a popular source of general and specific scientific information and news. Popular Science features real-world technological applications like Google glass in healthcare procedures, nature-inspired robotics, AI in social media and more.

Science News

Science News is an American bi-weekly publication that covers important recent technological and scientific advances, with several scientific journal sections. Science News has been around since 1922 and has since then been focusing on developments in technology and science.


Germany-based magazine CHIP is one of the leading tech magazines in Europe and Asia. It has a specific focus on computer hardware, peripherals, and software. It has a subscription of over 400,000 and is one of the largest sellers in its category. Informative reading for computer and gadget enthusiasts everywhere, CHIP also has a very popular online version.

Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics is one of the oldest magazines in circulation today, being established in 1902. Fast-forward to 2018 and it offers a staggering nine different international editions. Popular Mechanics covers developments in aircraft, automobiles, technology, and science. The monthly publication makes use of its excellent writers to create content that is food for gadget brains.

Discover Magazine

Discover Magazine is unique in this list in that it does not restrict itself to simply tech-savvy audiences. Discover Magazine is equally enjoyable for both the technology buff and the casual reader. The magazine has consistently maintained a high standard of well-presented content that has information for everyone, which explains its popularity.

Computer Power User

CPU or Computer Power User has consistently been one of the most popular tech magazines in the world since 2001. For science geeks and computer buffs, this is the go-to magazine. Unlike most contemporary magazines who try to target a wider readership, CPU still plays to its seasoned computer-buff readers. Mostly covering top-notch computer hardware, CPU is well loved in the tech community.

PC World

PC World focuses more on computers than other aspects of technology but is still one of the top magazines in its category. Other than computers, the magazine also regularly covers cameras, TVs and music players, along with other popular gadgets. PC World is a great source for technology reviews and news to stay abreast of tech developments.

MIT Technology Review

The bi-monthly MIT Technology Review is one of the oldest magazines still in publication, being flagged off in 1899. For more than a century¸, the Technology Review has consistently established itself as a comprehensive and credible tech magazine. Owned and published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the magazine underwent a revival in 1996. Since then it has continually been providing news and updates about scientific developments at MIT and the wider technological world.


Wired magazine is one of the most recognizable and popular tech magazines of our time. It started publication in 1993 and quickly cemented its place as one of the leading tech magazines in the world. Other than tech news and developments, WIRED also places focus on lifestyle, business and even thought leadership. The magazine also has several international editions, all targeted at the global tech enthusiast community.

Maximum PC

Maximum PC is right behind WIRED on Amazon’s best-selling magazines list. Maximum PC is the magazine of choice for hard-core computer aficionados. This means most of their content is too dense for everyday readers and is more intended for advanced users. The magazine features hardware reviews, overclocking guides, tips for tweaking your PC and other advanced material. If you are looking for business or lifestyle material, you may have to look elsewhere. Maximum PC is for maximum geeks!


PCMag is one of the most iconic computer magazines for computer lovers. PCMag is about all things computer, featuring interesting topics related to hardware, AI, Machine Learning, coding and much much more. The magazine is like the Bible of techies and continues to retain its popularity amongst the computer-savvy community.


Since its establishment in 1984, 2600: The Hacker Quarterly is the suggested reading for people interested in underground topics. With focus on hacking, cybersecurity, privacy infractions and much more, 2600 is an informative, ad-free magazine for technological information. One unique angle the magazine takes is publishing content that is all submitted by its readers. 2600 editors cherry pick the best content submitted and each edition contains only the best.

The Linux Journal

Linux geeks are a breed apart with their love for the Linux operating system and general, open-source software. The Linux Journal specifically caters to these two areas in particular. The magazine contains very useful tips, tricks, and scripts for Linux users. There is also a lot of focus on networking, programming, and gaming. The Linux Journal follows specific themes for each monthly edition and has covered mobile, desktop, security etc. in the past. The magazine is recommended reading for both regular Linux users as well as hobbyists.


Make is the perfect guidebook for people who are into DIY tech projects. I came across Make magazine while watching a documentary on Spectrum cable relating to robotics. Make follows a mook format, meaning it is a hybrid of both a magazine and a 200-page book. The magazine has different projects with difficulties ranging from amateurs to tech gurus. If you have a basement or garage full of old computer parts and hardware and enjoy tinkering with them, Make is the magazine for you.