In this digital world, every business wants their maximum workflow to be automated. Although this is a good idea but sometime, it doesn’t generate the kind of ROI it should. For example, if you look at the email vs handwritten letters, very easily handwritten letters stand out here.

Here we are going to talk on the same where we will discuss why a personalized card is always better than an email for marketing and branding purpose.

#1 Better delivery and open rate

handwritten letters always give something personal touch whenever you send this to any customer. Let’s say you want to thank one of your regular customers. In this case, instead of sending an email, follow the handwritten letter way. There are various reasons for this – email might land in spam and your customer will never open it. Or even if it doesn’t land in spam, still it will go in promotion or in updates. In both the cases, there are very small chances of being open.

Instead, if you send a handwritten letter, immediately people tend to open it. Even if not immediate, it will be opened for sure. Ultimately, handwritten letter has >99% open rate.

#2 Branding

With a handwritten letter, you are solving multiple problems. Handwritten letter is not only helpful to convey message or thank someone but also helps in marketing. It has been seen that people usually keep handwritten letter in their drawing room , or somewhere it can be detected easily. And so, when someone visits their house, it’s obvious other people will catch that as well. Another thing is, when you send someone handwritten letters, they feel special and share this with others, which gives you mouth publicity for free and very impactful.

#3 Don’t take lots of time

Many people think, handwritten letters can be time-consuming and will be costly as well. Well, that’s not true!

Using many companies offering such services nowadays, custom handwritten letters can easily be written and distributed in a very cost-effective manner. Such services have the capacity to process thousands of letters every day in the best price.

#4 Pitch for new services

Let’s say last year you served a client who was kind of happy with the service you provided them. But haven’t heard from them back on the further work. Now you have a new product or service which you think can be a suitable product or service for them. Just send a handwritten letter to your client thanking him/her for the last work and mention how the new service you are providing will be helpful for their business. You can also mention the success story if you have for that product or service.

Wrapping up!

By now you must have understood how beneficial it is to use handwritten letter instead of emails. There are some important things that you need to consider while writing handwritten letters –

  •       Make it personal
  •       Thinking about the time and send in timely manner
  •       Appreciate, congratulate, or Condolence
  •       Don’t forget to add signature

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