How to Turn old Photos Into Canvas Prints

Have you stocked up all your old photos in a closet in a dark nook? It’s time that you do justice to those fantastic pictures by turning them into canvas prints.

Be it a family photograph from an occasional dinner or a fantastic landscape from your trip. The canvas prints are affordable and give a premium finish to your home. 

Let’s have a look at how to turn old photos into canvas prints.

The Process of Turning Your Photos Into Canvas Prints

The process of turning your physical photos or digital photos into canvas prints is very convenient. You can easily upload your pictures to a wall art website online, edit the image and choose a preferred size, style, and canvas frame. 

The steps are as follow:

  • Choose the quality prints for your old photo
  • Select the size of the canvas so that pixels should not get burred
  • After this take the printout of your photo and transfer it onto a canvass base

Popular Styles of Canvas Prints

You can completely personalize your home wall with unique styles of canvas prints. Canvas available in horizontal, vertical, and panoramic hexagon shapes in numerous frames provide you with unimaginable options.

For a large landscape, you can opt for a wide canvas or a large horizontal one. A collage canvas print allows you to group all the memories in one piece. For example, you can add photos from a family get-together to it.

A wall display can be used to create a timeline of a trip. In addition, you can take multiple photos and create statement pieces for your living room wall.

On the other hand, a print with a glass frame photo grid on the wall looks very royal. Nevertheless, the framed print has its charm. 

You can style your favorite photos in various ways according to the space.

Advantages of Canvas Prints

Canvas prints give a professional touch to your photos and look exhilarating on your walls. Let’s discuss the advantages of the prints.

  • The canvas prints are coated with lamination, hence making them very durable.
  • You can customize it to the size of your choice with a preferred depth of the image.
  • A photo enhancement and editing option are available in case you want to touch it up a little.
  • It is more affordable than other options. In addition, it doesn’t have glare and is very lightweight. 
  • A framed photo print has high-quality glass, which increases the longevity and gives a polished look to the image.

How to take Care of Canvas Prints

Despite canvas prints coated with protective layers and printed with high-quality inks, you have to maintain them. So if you want it to stay vibrant year after year, be cautious with little things:

  • Avoid placing it in direct sunlight. A prolonged period of direct sunlight for long durations is harmful to photo prints.
  • Place it in cool and dry areas. Too much moisture is not suitable for the print.
  • To clean it, you can use a soft linen cloth. Never rub it harshly; just clean it with light hands.
  • If you need to get rid of dirt on the canvas, take a damp cloth and rub it very gently.
  • Never use any type of chemical or excess water on the print.
  • Sometimes, while shifting, you need to pack and transport them. First, wrap them in acid-free paper. It will protect the print from scratches, and the acid-free paper won’t turn your canvas yellow.
  • Never place or rub the canvas with a finger or fingernails. It may scratch the surface.
  • You should avoid putting pressure on the canvas. Instead, divide the weight and hold it gently.

Let’s Wrap up

Turning your photo into canvas photo prints is a fantastic idea. It lets your photography have its own space and effect.

The memories with friends and families displayed on the wall warm you up and make you feel nostalgic. So go for the affordable and very luxurious way and revamp your house walls.