Social Media

Social media is a magic spell that can widen your brand’s outreach and help you grow your business. However, that’s only possible if you use it correctly. If not, you’ll be a perfect example of the many companies struggling to stay afloat by using inept marketing techniques.

To make sure your business survives in a competitive market, you need to change your strategy. And it starts by avoiding some stupid, yet surprisingly common mistakes.

Whether you have a startup or you run an established company, it’s never too late to stop making the following slip-ups.

5 Common social media blunders that hurt your business

  • Trying multiple strategies at once

Admit it. You’ve probably tried to implement a mix of marketing techniques to boost your online traffic and increase your conversion rate. Unfortunately, unless you’re a marketing pro, you end up wasting your time and money with poor results.

Instead of trying five strategies with zero conversation rates, why not apply one proven method?

If you lack marketing expertise, use a local SEO Melbourne agency to increase your social awareness, and skyrocket your ROI.

  • Using generic terms in your posts

When starting, it might seem easy and comfortable to use generic posts to gain online visibility. And in as much as it might work, it tends to ruin your brand. By posting “common” content, you end up being one of the many companies in your niche.

To stand out, use your creativity to write beautiful captions. Don’t stop there. If you’re on Twitter, come up with personalized quotes.

For Instagram, high-quality photos rule any day. When it comes to Facebook, have a clear post and pair it with a compelling image.

  • Lack of platform knowledge

What works for Facebook will most likely fail on Twitter, and vice versa. Working with different platforms means you have to employ a tailored strategy for each. Stop recycling your ideas and let a professional SEO Auckland company teach you how to use different socials for your business.

LinkedIn, with approximately 65 million professionals, is excellent for passively promoting your business and engaging with industry experts. On the other hand, twitter is fantastic for direct sales with shareable cards you can use to highlight your profile and insert a link to your website.

  • Too much Promotional content

Reading business posts all the time can get boring. To make sure your followers don’t hit the “Unfollow” button, spruce up your content. It’s evident that you want to make a sale, but don’t be so obvious that people start running away from your posts.

If followers love your feed, they’ll be interested in buying your products or trying out your service.

So, instead of a product promo, why not share a hysterically funny meme or quote?

  • Deleting negative comments

No one likes negative feedback. But here’s the exciting thing, negative comments are great at building your business. If you have terrific customer service and sales tactics, you can turn a disgruntled customer into a loyal client.

So, the next time you get a poor review, use it as an opportunity to engage the customer and fix the problem. Also, negative feedback sheds light on areas you need to improve for better buyer engagement and satisfaction.

Bottom line

If you’re currently making any or all the mistakes I’ve mentioned, you need to stop.

Use this as a guide to clean up dirty social media marketing habits and apply practical techniques that grab the attention of potential clients.