Social Media Tactics

In the current era, people are living in pressures from around the world to ‘keep-up’ with changes. No one wants to get left behind since you don’t want to get branded as the ‘old-school folk.’ Things change over time, be it consumer needs or platforms. Take time and read guides on how to dominate Facebook in 2010. It feels like a boring story written for small kids. In 2019, we can only acknowledge that social media has taken a sharp turn due to different involvements.

Facebook has had different algorithms, the introduction of live videos on Instagram and Facebook, the powers of LinkedIn, and many more. However, we still need to get backs to our roots; do what was termed as milestone back to the days when social media came to existence. Here are some of the basic tactics that will help you hold grounds in social media.

Hold real conversations

When social media came to existence, having a handful of followers was a huge milestone. More so, getting a single conversation with a stranger was quite an achievement. The pride and joy that came along with it were significant. However, people have ignored this feeling, and they have embraced the automation tools.

Yes, automation has made life easier especially for busy people who have many roles in corporations. Nevertheless, we have thrown the good feeling of holding real conversations under the bus. Automation is easy and time preservative. However, we fail to have a personal touch with our followers. Show your people that you value their support and presence by giving them short responses.

Direct mail

The best way to get to your clients is by delivering mails directly to them. Let them know of the available offers and discounts from your brands without getting it from friends. By giving your subscribers a discounted cost of each product, the probability of purchasing is very high. Nevertheless, a happy client will share the mail to friends thus increasing the number of referrals.


If you own a business in your local area, the best way to create awareness is by leaving flyers around the place. To make it better, give people the flyers in person. This is a chance to speak to people and tell them in person more about your business. During that time, you can inform them about the available offers and discounts. Flyers are essential for new companies that are yet to be known. Also, you could send these digital fliers directly to your clients.

Recruiting employees online

While busy working on social media, it is possible to spot an individual with talents worth having in your business. Yes, people value a one on one interview to get skillful employees to keep up with our competitors. However, there are a lot of hustles that come about with the hiring process starting with the budget allocated to this office. However, people end up hiring people who are only useful in giving strong PR for interview purposes.

Give your clients some promotional items

We have all been to the city and seen people walking in shopping bags designed by the shop. This is a very effective method of advertising. Make your brand known to people by having a status symbol encrypted in your business’ shopping bags. You can give the bags free of charge once they make their purchases.


Many social media tactics can still be applied by business owners to have more sales or engagements with clients. However, people are caught up with the changes that come with technology and fail to embrace the tactics that worked before. To have an increase in sales, most businesses are carrying out a Facebook ad campaign to get to more audiences. We should all acknowledge the fact that old school things will work to our benefit when well applied.