social media

Social media is growing day by day. Billions of users visit websites almost every day. If you are a retailer who wants to leverage social media then it’s the right time.

Being a retailer You would always like to connect to your targeted customers.  and what can be more suitable than social media?  the platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. drives billions of visitors to the websites each day.  and you can leverage this as well.

Top social media platforms for retailers

#1  Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform where we pin images. This is one of the topmost platforms for retailers. You can put high-quality images here and expect the people to pin your images. This eventually drives traffic and sales.


Facebook is undoubtedly the leading social media network with billions of active users per day. Marketers are driving good sales and engagement from Facebook. Facebook advertising is a major benefit to the network to drive traffic and sales.

#3 Twitter

Twitter has been a great place to serve the customer better. You will find many customers tweeting about the service on Twitter. And so, if you’re there probably you can make the customer experience better.

#4 YouTube

YouTube can be used for engagement through video. For example, you can put your brand’s video on YouTube and drive traffic and sales from there. Also, YouTube is a great source for advertisement as well for retailers.

How can the retail sector use social media to boost sales?

The retail sector is one of the challenging areas where a lot of things need to be taken care of. And so, there should be some kind of checklist which one should follow to get the best from social media.

Measure conversation and engagement

You should track the likes and comments people make on your post. Using this you can estimate which kind of posts are popular among the social media users and accordingly you can plan the other posts.

Setup your benchmark

It’s always good to set the target and the benchmark for any business. Make a goal where you want to go and what to achieve. The same happens with social media as well. You can set a goal for traffic, engagement, and sales from social media. This may include the organic reach as well as paid marketing plans.

Measure performance

When you’re in the market, measuring performance is critical. If you’re doing paid promotion, you should understand what is working and whatnot. So, you may make certain checkpoints and understand how the campaigns, contents, videos are performing.

Engage with influencers

Influencers are a great asset in marketing these days and you should also thrive for the influencers who can help you make a buzz about your business in the budget. You can find many local influencers who can promote your product and services in the budget and make a good return on it.

Identify areas of improvements

This is again critical as after analyzing the data you will be able to understand what sources are working and whatnot. This applies in all the areas meant for traffic, revenue, conversion, and others. So, look for the details if something is working why that and if not then why.


These were all about how to best use social media for the retail sector. Although these are more generic and with little changes and can be applied to others as well.