What to Look for in a Human Resource Intern

Are you looking to hire a human resources intern? Or are you considering a career in HR? If so, then you need to know the qualities that make up an excellent intern in this rewarding field. 

Not everyone can do this job, and it takes a very specific skillset and personality type to succeed. Below, we discuss what is needed from a great human resource intern. 

Tasks They Will Need to Undertake

The job of an HR intern is to perform a number of administrative tasks within the human resources department. They must support the daily activities associated with the department and its functions. 

The jobs they must undertake are far-reaching. They may need to update employee records, screen resumes, and arrange interviews. They may also be involved in payroll duties such as the ability to create w2 online before the IRS deadline

Finally, they may be asked to assist in employee development. This could include organizing and facilitating training sessions and schedules. 

What Requirements Will They Need?

Ideally, they will have some experience in working with resume databases or have the ability to learn quickly. Good working knowledge of office packages, particularly Microsoft, will be essential. 

Basic knowledge of the labor legislation laws will also come in extremely useful. A degree in a related field should also be required.

One required skill is the ability to be an excellent communicator. This encompasses a broad spectrum of requirements, the most important being the ability to listen.

They may be asked to listen to the grievances and problems of employees. Very often, they may not seem clear to anyone other than the person talking, so it may be up to the intern to make sense and lay them down clearly. 

Personal Characteristics for a Human Resource Intern

Human resources is a lot different from other professional fields and requires a very specific personality type. Due to the sensitive nature of the job, both in the keeping of information and personal details, it is important you look for a number of defining characteristics. 

The first of these is that they must display partiality and objectiveness. Their personal opinion should not count. Instead, they should be able to look at facts and make deductions based on the evidence present. 

If this is not always the case, then a responsible intern should be able to realize when they are not being objective or impartial. In this instance, they must be a person who is not afraid to ask for the expertise and experience of others, particularly their HR Manager. 

Finally, they must be a trustworthy and likable individual. For employees to open up and share their needs, this is imperative. This trust also comes with a person who can be confidential. 

Find a Person You Can Trust

In summary, a great human resource intern is someone that you can trust. Make sure you conduct multiple interviews to ascertain this and field different tasks and questions to any applicants. 

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