What Does OPS Mean on Snapchat

Shortened terms and slang are more in use than ever. Social media is mainly behind the frequent use of these. And among the various social media options, one of the most popular and influential ones is Snapchat. As of September 2023, Snapchat recorded a daily active user count of more than 363 million.  The number has been increasing over the past years. The use of shortened words is mainly in trend because of Snapchat; one such much in use nowadays is OPS. In this post, we’ll understand what OPS is, how it can be used in different contexts, where it is used, and how it is used.

Understanding What’s ‘‘OPS’’ On Snapchat

“OPS,” a popular term on Snapchat, stands for opinion. You might have come across it while watching a video, photo or story on Snapchat. By using it, people imply that they are open to or inviting the views and perspectives. It signals the willingness of users to engage in discussion and receive feedback on the topic or content they’ve shared on Snapchat. 

If you have shared a story, snap or video with your followers, using “ops” in the caption will allow you to receive their opinion on it.

Next time someone uses “ops” during the conversation, you must know they are seeking your opinion. Whether the topic is about them or something else of interest, they want to know your stance on it, regardless of what your response might be. 

In some contexts, “Ops” can be used as a shorthand for “Oops,” which is typically employed to express surprise or convey an apology for an unexpected situation.

Making Sense of OPS On Snapchat

Under this section, our focus will be on understanding when “OPS” is used and where it is. 

“Ops” can be used in various contexts on Snapchat, it finds application in stories, videos, photos and snaps (Sending a direct snap to someone). One can incorporate it into a caption or message that along with the stories, photos and videos. Also, it can be employed while sharing content directly with someone through a snap.   

Now that you have understood what it is for, when to use it and where. Let’s take an example to bring clarity before moving on to the next topic.

How Should I Respond To The Use Of “Ops” In A Conversation?

If you’re chatting with someone on Snapchat, and you receive “Ops on the war between Israel and Hamas”, it implies they’re seeking your opinion on the topic. They are indicating their desire to hear your views regarding what they have shared with you. People can ask people about anything, for example, they can send “Ops on my new haircut”, “Plan a holiday,” etc.

Here is a cool thing. We often get confused when we to have purchase a gadget. That’s when you can use “Ops” can gather the review from a mass of people. You never know who may help you with the right tech knowledge. You can also take up the conversation to get product insights from them. They will tell you about their experience and make you aware.

Influence of OPS on Online Engagements

The use of “ops” seems to have a crucial impact on the dynamics of online engagements and connections. It will add a layer of expressions to messages, allowing users to convey emotions, intentions, and even sarcasm. So, in a way, it has the capability to improve the communication experience and make people express themselves in a more convenient way. 

One can convey emotions conveniently. It allows users to inject an extra element into the conversation without caring about the flow of the conversation. For example, you have a silly offence instead of making a boring apology that might not convince the other person. You can drop an “OPS.”

“OPS” can also be used to express intentions and add nuance to the message during the conversation. By adding “ops” before asking for an opinion will be considered subtle and polite.

However, when used after expressing a conversational topic. It indicates you’re open to receiving feedback or having a discussion. It also means you’re willing to reconsider your own viewpoint rather than supporting a rigid idea.